Vegetative growth coming from middle of fruit cluster - What to do?

As an addition to my last post dealing with just pruning…

This year it looks like there has been a very very good fruit set on my apples. But, I noticed that I am getting new vegetative growth coming out directly from the spur that has a cluster of applets developing. Its like a new vegetative growth is coming from the fruit cluster/spur.

I didn’t notice this in the past, but then again I was not focusing on this in the past as my espaliers are relatively young and I was concentrating on fruit spur development.

I am sure this is not unusual as I don’t think I have “magic spurs” but why woul ne vegetative growth come from a fruit spur?

In two of the photos below I am actually holding the growth . Please look.


My take is that your apple is trying to make up for the vegetation you’re taking away from it, and if you keep those unwanted shoots pinched back it will put growth more where you want it.


But I wonder why is it coming from the fruit spur.

As I mention in the companion post… I have plenty of new vegetative growth coming from pruning points made last season where spurs did NOT develop and those are really poppin’ too.


I think you have what’s called a “tip bearer”…rather than a spur type apple.
At least that’s a possible explanation.