Veggie seed swap?

Anyone interested in swapping some veggie seeds? I’m specifically looking for Sungold tomato and Early Girl or New Girl tomato seeds.

Nearly all are a year or two old but should still germinate fine, I can send a whole of packet of most of the following (year old seed, most are from Burpee):
Tomato - Mortgage Lifter, Red Currant, Roma, Super Sweet 100, Brandywine Pink, Black Cherry, Super Beefsteak, Steak Sandwich Hybrid, Marglobe
Cukes - Bush Champion, Burpless Beauty, Garden Sweet Burpless Hybrid, Marketmore 76, Straight Eight
Pepper - Hot Pepper Blend, Chinese giant (bell type), Emerald Giant (bell type), Cardinal Hybrid (bell type)
Watermelon - Crimson Sweet, Georgia Rattlesnake, Carolina Cross #183, Bush Sugar Baby
Squash - Early Golden Crookneck (yellow summer), Pic-n-Pic hybrid (yellow summer)
Assorted lettuce

I’ll have to check my refrigerator in a bit, but should have some sungold that I can send you next week when I mail seeds. I don’t need anything in return.

Awesome, thanks! I’ll send you a PM.

Yes. I checked. Can split with you what I have left. I need to use at least 10 seeds because they are a hit here, especially with the young ones. It’s the first tomato that my youngest ever actually liked. That would leave at least 10 seeds that I can send. Can also send some Defiant if you’d like. These were smallish, about 4 oz., very uniformly sized and shaped slicers. Both were from my order to Johnny’s last year and have been kept airtight just below freezing.

If that won’t be enough of the Sungold to meet your needs, just keep asking. It’s a popular breed. Someone else is sure to have some available for you. :smile: