Vertical damage/crack in trunk of newly planted persimmon tree

Would appreciate any advice.

Purchased a 5 gallon persimmon tree last spring, and waited until dormancy to plant it in the ground. The nursery had cut one of the more surface level root branches to fit in the 5 gallon container.

We planted the tree in the ground in late November. We matched the root/trunk level from the container to the soil level.

During recent rainstorms, noticed that surface level root branch had gotten slightly exposed. As I covered it up with soil, I noticed there was a sizable vertical crack/damage in that root branch as it attaches to the trunk.

Cartoon/drawing –

Should we do anything to treat the vertical crack? I’m not sure if it has been there since the nursery/grower transplanted it into the container, or if it happened when we planted it. I wonder if that horizontal root branch is basically lost at this point, but is it alright if we just leave things as they are? It’s now covered up with soil.

I understand with exposed trunks/stems, there’s potential for bacterial or fungal disease. But it’s in an odd position, basically under the soil.

We’re in California, zone 9b

Thank you

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Hi Jimm
Welcome to the forum, the root should heal over time but I would give the tree some vertical support by staking it against wind forces so that the crack is stable.
Kent, wa


Much appreciated, Dennis.

Great idea, will get the stake in today!