Very Early spring

The Pacific NW region is seeing an unusually warm winter so far. Last winter their was ample snow in the Cascades to cross country ski thru Feb. Not this year so far, very thin.
Last year my Yellow plum tree began to flower on Mar 15th. This year as I went out to cut scions, the flower buds are already popping open. My cherry plum flower buds are opening as well.
So it’s a good idea to watch carefully if you plan to cut scions on stone fruits.
Kent, Wa


We’ll be early in Kentucky…but not as early as last year. After
Groundhog day, spring probably will show up, not the varmint’s shadow.


We will most certainly get a cold snap.
It is expected to snow in Seattle area this Friday.


Yes, I agree. After getting off to a very ealy start (again) it has been pretty mild. Still, on the east side of the mountain, the trees remain fully dormant. Lows Friday and Saturday are forecast to be in the high teens.

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We’re looking at mid teens F this week, which I do not enjoy but which will at least keep things dormant that much longer. February is often our harshest month - but sometimes we have crocuses blooming early in March … can’t wait!


Wait!! Go back! At least low for PNW weekend is only 32F.


Midwest here…

I have crocuses blooming still (late planted saffron crocuses). We’ve had an exceptionally mild winter thus far (but the first 2 weeks of Feb are traditionally among the coldest).

This will make 2 winters in a row that have been unseasonably nice.

My cornus mas has swollen buds, though none have pushed to the point where I fear losing them, yet…



I think the only reason my plums are not starting to bloom out is the lack of chill hours. Roses are budding out, and some of them never went dormant. The chrysanthemum with yellow flowers is still blooming, as well as the calendulas. A couple of hyacinths are starting to push up flowers. It won’t take many more 50 degree days to ruin this year’s plum crop. This weather is also going to increase disease pressure.

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What part of Tacoma?I just checked different areas there and the numbers are between 800 and 1200.

Here on the Cumberland Plateau in Middle Tennessee we have had a colder winter than we have in a while. We have had several 3 to 4 inch snows here. We will be later than last year for sure. Things came out way to early last year so I hope that things hold off.


Between Kandle Park and N End Reservoir. Our plums are close enough to the house (W and S side) that I think they gain a few degrees. I think we are just slightly warmer than the nearby stations. I estimate we are closer to 600-700 CH near the house. Shiro is right by the sidewalk, but shows no signs of budding out yet. I think it is a microclimate thing.

I am wondering where your data is from? I am using degree day calculator. It suggests 596-638 CH, depending on whether you start in October or November.

I was using,which has,find the stations.Starting time is 11/1.
The location could be warming the plants with reflected light.I had a greenhouse with deciduous fruit trees in it and when opening the ends wasn’t enough,50% shade cloth was put over the south side.That’s a little more difficult thing to do with individual trees though.

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Saw a few blooms on some of the blueberries in my orchard last week. Not just swelling flower buds… actual blossoms.

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Here in middle TN we are right on time with last year. I noticed crocus blooming yesterday. I looked in my phone history and found I had taken a picture of crocus exactly to the day last year.


Time to get scion collected.

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You don’t have much to worry about unless it gets down into the single digits, in my experience.

Not much going on here in central MD. We’ve been milder than average, but still cold enough that things are pretty much staying dormant. What we have not had, unlike some milder winters past, are any stretches of actual real warmth, like 60+ for any length of time. We’ve had a couple scattered days near 60, but nothing for long enough to really get things stirring. Which is good, because it looks like it’s going to trend colder by the end of this month and into next month.

There are some crocuses showing a little foliage, but not anywhere close to blooming. Also a few daffodils up maybe an inch.

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Last year beach buds froze out at 17F in Feb. after a warm Jan. No peaches that summer.

Usually about every other year my plums bloom early and I end up losing the crop to a late freeze. Last year I actually had 100’s of pea sized plums when we had a freeze and lost all of them