Very Early spring

Yeah, it was 76° here yesterday, not sure if that qualifies as an “early spring” lol
As a location without a “real” winter, the seasons all seems to roll into each other.

I just noticed some flower buds are beginning to swell on Nadia and Hollywood plums I have in pots on the driveway. Not green yet, but it won’t take much more 50 degree weather. I am hoping the cool weather holds out a while longer. It probably won’t be long before Black Ice and Shiro begin to show signs.

Here too. Nadia, pluots, and Japanese plums are all swelling.

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Saw my first dandelion flower of the year in the lawn this morning .


Today my first open flowers on Smooth Zest One Nectarine. Probably full bloom by next week.

In previous years prior to all these dang plants I would have been ecstatic over an early warming. Now I have to worry about everything waking up. This hobby is awful :rofl:


Saw my first dandelion bloom of 2021 today. *Saw some in December 2020 though.

Yep . . . I had to send out scions with buds that were getting ready to pop. In fact . . . you might have gotten some! This was my first big share attempt . . . so I just hope that the ones I sent were still OK to graft with.


I planted my first tree of the year. Flavor Grenade pluot, from I hope I can keep it alive long enough to try some fruit.

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Dennis, Yes it has been a very mild winter here in the foothills above Maple Valley WA too. Did you guys get the 3 weeks of high winds as well? I had 3 (non) fruit trees snap in half here. Also, I saw that you have a Chehalis. How is that growing for you? I was planning on adding one myself.

Here I do not call it an early spring, because when it’s a mild winter here, we are usually in for some nasty cold weather in the late winter/early spring time. That is not spring to me, it actually makes me worry some.

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Hi Tracy
I have had my Chehallis for well over 20 years, semidwarf, it’s full of apples each year. I see you have a good variety as well.

We got maybe one night of strong winds so far but often in Jan-Feb we get some very strong easterly winds.