Vidalia onions are king at my house!

Vidalia is the king of onions in my opinion and we are receiving some right now relatively inexpensive 2 or 3 for $1. Normal onions are 3 pounds for $1 - $1.50 here so they are much more expensive. Red onions are pretty good when there are no Vidalia to be found. Yellow and white onions are my standby all purpose cooking onions. Georgia is really good at raising these onions and like the peach is really grown best only in that region. I’ve never had a better peach or onion than those driven in from Georgia. The truck farms sell those later in the year. Even these good onions are second rate compared to Georgia Vidalia onions hence why I don’t grow them myself. There really is that big of a difference. Peaches can be very good elsewhere though the flavor is different and the ones from Georgia I can pick out from others in a second.


When I was a kid growing up my dad would make Vidalia onion sandwiches. So simple you can barely call it a sandwich. Toast and butter two slices of bread, thinly sliced Vidalia unions, and sprinkle on salt and pepper. Sounds rediculous but it’s something I grew to love as well.

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My daughter and I will both eat them raw like an apple when you find the really good ones!

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You ever put sulfur down on your trees? I have heard it’s the total lack of sulfur in that region of Georgia that makes the Vidalia so good, but that doesn’t explain why we can’t get them as good growing in pots.

I really want to crack growing huge flavorful garlic and onions, they are easily ahead of tomatoes as our most consumed vegetable. I grew up here in NC looking forward the Vidalias coming in every year, and couldn’t believe my wife didn’t know the difference. Yankees. Sigh.

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Those are beautiful! What do you feed them? I’ve never been able to grow onions. But try every year .

i too love growing onions. They are some of the most desirable edible ornamentals imo. Also quite hardy in the dry heat of summers, and bitter cold of winters here, and are some of the fastest ‘space-fillers’

Can’t grow Vidalia here, but my son has had some nice big Walla Wallas

I prefer Candy

I bought about 6 lbs this morning at 79 cents a lb.


For folks too far N to grow Vidalias, you might give Alsia Craig onion a try. Also a big sweet onion that does well in Northern environments…

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I can grow WallaWalla and use them up first as their sweetness makes them not so good for storage. So they go into canned goods. We are still eating our Onion Pepper Relish made last season which hopefully will last us.
About 60% of what I grow are the keepers, both red and white.
But I really like using the evergreen bunching onions which grow over winter in recipes calling for onions, like soups and stews - the green tops give nice color. Discovered this when I ran out of keepers. I think I’ll put in more of those this summer for winter harvesting.