Video of my fruit trees

I made a video yesterday but evidently I should have held the phone a certain way cause when downloaded its facing the wrong way. Can anyone tell me how to fix this so I can share the video here.

I can figure out how to put it on you tube because they made downloading videos super easy but otherwise I cant answer technical questions such as software version etc and anything beyond that.

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I guess that for once google spying on everything I say paid off cause I did nothing and yet the video is now facing the correct way!

Thanks Google and now can you please quit spying on me? Thank-you

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Can anyone identify the sappling at 12.05?

Yeah…makes you wonder, eh?

I have a t-shirt that reads “NSA–listening to my conspiracy theories when nobody else will”

Good one :+1:

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A persimmon would be grafted on a persimmon…but the exact name I don’t have an idea.

I skipped through it, looks like a nice open space. Where is it located. Seems like beach sand - so different than what I’m used to.

Much of the state of Florida is that kind of sand…doesn’t have to be near a beach.