Video tour of my driveway orchard

I made a video of the driveway orchard showing everything we’re growing. Figs, grapes, mulberries, apples, goumi berries, and blueberries.


Great work, nice figs and blueberries. I also like the Ortho sprayer idea seems like it would work very well.

Thanks for posting the video it’s inspirational :+1:


Lookin good buddy!

In the next few years i plan on a mini orchard in pots like u are doing.
This is my goal…


@JesusisLordandChrist thank you i appreciate it.

@krismoriah thank you, thats ironic couple days ago i watched the same video you posted thinking how i.d like to grow like that👍next year im also going to plant some raspberries and strawberries in ground. I was considering also blackberries but i like raspberries so much more im probably just going to plant a couple different raspberries varieties in ground. The ones you recommended

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I have 3 strawberry beds… and i have about 10 plants in pots… to be honest i like my ones in my pots more and more each week. I probably am doing it wrong but my strawberry beds are alot of work. Im constantly having to remove runners and then fight the snails and slugs and everything else that wants my strawberries. Not so much with the potted ones…they just overflow on the sides of the pots with berries.

I had an old pedestal bathtub that i turned into a strawberry machine… but on a stormy night i had a full deer munch that my dogs missed… they ate very single leaf… but they are coming back…strawberries are pretty tough.

I think Drew grows cane fruits in pots and grow bags and does very well with them… he grows alot in a small space which is another one of my goals of my mini orchard.

Not sure if ur family is into garlic but i grew about 20 in some old blown out washtubs just for fun… same result as my raised beds really.

Im not sure what you cant grow in pots… where there is a will there is a way!

Just a thought, probably should have mentioned previously. The decision to take out the maple I believe, is a good one. More sunlight on your planned orchard, is a net positive.