Vinyard in KY for sale!

This is only about 20 miles from my house and is right on the KY/TN border in a neat little town that sits on a large lake (the town, not the winery). I think I mentioned it a while back but they have lowered the price.

So, if any of you have been dreaming about doing some kind of orchard/winery/vineyard/pick your own fruit business, this might be a good start. :slight_smile:


Still, unless it comes with a home to live in, can you finance a $149,000 vineyard? And if you could, would it make the payments and also provide a wage to a working owner?

(Probably not.)
But, if someone has idle cash, and are young enough and have the interest in making this a lifetime commitment, then the area sounds good…near Nashiville, TN and Bowling Green and Mammoth Cave in Kentucky.

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Oh I absolutely agree 100%. I hope I didn’t give the impression that I was endorsing this or even recommending someone buy it. I’d sure hate to have $149k invested in a vineyard (IN KY!!! not exaclt famous for our grapes or wine!) and have to try and recover my original investment PLUS all the ongoing expenses that would be required to grow and harvest grapes and/or other fruits. So yea…I think it would be a near impossible way to make a lot of money. But for people like all of us who just enjoy growing fruits, it might be a fun hobby that POSSIBLY you could break even on (at best)

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It’s too far (by a lot) for me to consider, but it is nice to see the pics. Some of the grape portraits are labeled and I see that they are growing one of the same varieties as me (Mars).

Compared to my area, 149K for 36 acres is an absolute steal. Even if they were completely empty. I’d need to spend twice that much to get 1/4 of an acre in town here. For early retirement, something like that would be nice. But, I’d have no idea if it would make money, and if so, how much.

It’s interesting that they are selling the property through Craigslist and not MLS. I guess it saves them the 5-6% agent commission, but it won’t get them as much exposure. From a bargain hunting buyer’s perspective, it makes sense to check Craigslist occasionally though, as there isn’t as much competition there.


If I were younger …


It’s always interesting to get perspectives from all over. $149K for that 36 acres here would is overpriced by a fair amount. There are several small vineyards in this area and I imagine they’d be pretty lucky to sell for $2500 - $3500 an acre.

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The price is about $100,000 for the land and the rest for the equipment. It would be impossible to replace it all for the price asked. IMO, the vineyard size is a tad small compared to the overall acreage. I would not buy it because my family and goals are elsewhere, but just pointing out that it is not that bad a price.

It’s a very good price for here too in Michigan. For even empty property.
I would rather have a vineyard here. Michigan wines have beat California a few times in international competitions. Our vineyards are not that old, so it’s only going to get better. Currently we use about 3000 acres for wine grapes. It’s still growing.
In 2018 we placed 3rd in best region in USA today top ten regions.

We beat all but one California region… The best was the Finger Lakes.
If you want to get in on the ground floor in some very promising regions, come here.
Land prices are only going to go up.

Our vodka too has won some awards.

Two years in a row! Best varietal not bad! That’s in the world too at the World Vodka Awards.

I would want that in writing in the bill of sale so the taxes would be less. Maybe talk him into moving more to equipment too.