Voluntary donations for Growing Fruit

Now that we have reached our first birthday I am putting out a call for purely voluntary donations to help me offset the cost of the site. It is approximately $300 per year I pay for the domain, hosting through linode.com, and backups.

Here is the link:


You can donate by Paypal or credit card. I am going to keep the site going however much comes in (am I a bad pitch-man or what?) but I would like to spread the load around. There is no suggested amount but there is a 30 cent charge off the top for credit card processing so very small amounts are probably not worth it given Paypal will get much of the money. Note we are not an incorporated non-profit so unfortunately no tax deduction is possible.

I will report here how much money total comes in. I am not going to report on who gave or amounts but feel free to follow up here if you gave. Kind of like those blood donor “I gave” stickers :smile:



I gave :grin:

As the member who has spent the most hours utilizing GrowingFruit.org, I’ve an obligation to help shoulder the financial aspects of this forum.

Thanks for finally offering us the opportunity to help on that front. I appreciate the opportunity to add substance to my words of support.


Gave and was HAPPY to do so! Thanks for having a great forum for us fruit geeks!

Slow reader ay?? You know I’m kidding!!!

Scott, I’m glad you ask for support. I’d bet we could raise money next time by selling items that members donate.

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Maybe like an auction. Brady


I gave.

It was my pleasure to join and give some back.


Wow, we are already over! Thanks to the people donating so far, many who did not reply above.

I will set the next request for donations once I see what comes in here - its already going to be more than a year from now that I need to ask for donations. You can either wait for the next round or contribute in this one, your call.


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My pleasure to give back to help support this wonderful community. Thanks Scott

It would pay to sample fruit varieties I don’t have yet.

I knew you’d reach that goal before the day was out. But in covering it in barely an hour shows just how much this community means to its members. Great job, everyone!

And even slower at composing replies! :smile:
Go ahead and tease away. You’re directly behind me in total number of hours spent on here. :laughing:



Happy to- and very glad you asked. (I very nearly just mailed a check, which would avoid the charge/paypal fees, but decided to take the easy way out!)

threw in some cash, i want to make Scott blush, he seems the type

we’re averse to online payments, but would like to send a check, is that ok? If so, where do we mail it to?

also, we’re whipping up a relatively affordable publication re jujubes(will be available at amazon.com by end of this year-- hopefully), and for each e-book we sell, we pledge a dollar to this website.

and yes, this will be the first-- and the last time, will be mentioning this. Hope didn’t violate any ‘bylaws’ or forum etiquette by doing this.

lastly, quite sure everyone’s thought about it already, but figured bringing it up anyway-- how about a paul newman business model where you could still maintain it as a non-profit organization, while allowing agri-advertisers to have some very affordable stream time? Online nurseries, fertilizer companies, pesticide companies you name it! Just have them sign a waiver stating zero immunity from negative critique by disgruntled posters here, lol!

If you want to send a check just PM me for my address.

We are up to around $600 already! So we are covered for several years. Its a relief to know its not so hard to have this site be community-supported. We are also doing OK on disk space now but at some point that may require the plan to be upgraded to more $$ per month. Several years out…

If there was something else we needed money for doing ads and/or selling member-donated plants would be good ideas. Something to keep in mind down the road perhaps.



Will mail you a check.