Volunteer chestnut seedling

Looks like a local squirrel must have planted a chestnut next to this stump. Am I right that this looks more like a Chinese chestnut than American? I’ve never grown either, but might let this one stay for now.


Definitely not pure American. Possibly a Chinese/American hybrid.

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I planted 5 seeds of I think pure American. (Minus one the squirrels dug up and ate.)

I also have three potted young trees of the real deal.

Also, saw some 6 foot trees for sale…but I bet they are not 100%…at a retail nursery lot for $47 apice.

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I had completely forgotten about that seedling, I’ll go check on it tomorrow to see how it’s doing these days.

On a related note, I did see this interesting chart in the Earthbound Farmers Almanac recently, I didn’t realize all the different species and hybrids that are out there:

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So many errors in that document.

Should go to the page and correct them! They do say it’s a first draft based on information found in catalogs and such

Way too much work.

Went and looked at the volunteer seedling from last year, it’s still there, though the leaves look a little curled maybe:


Decided this wasn’t a good place for it, so I dug it out and potted it up a few days ago. I assume it’s generally better to do that when it’s dormant, but I pruned it back a bunch to make up for root loss, and it hasn’t shown any wilting yet, so seems like it’ll make it.

I just delivered it to the local little free plant library. Tag says “Castanea sp.?” since I made no further progress figuring out its identity beyond that

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