Waiting for winter storage

Most fig tree’s are now ready for storage, if mild temps stays, they can outside a few more weeks. It takes only 2 hours at best to store them in the garage.
Sorry, can’t upload pictures again, terrible, getting tired. What is this?
Not smart enough to figure this out. Use a mini IPad for all my forum stuff.
It’s ok now, hope it’s fix for good.

Andrew, that utility vehicle is loaded with figtrees originated in your backyard.
That many? Save cuttings from your nearly deceased tree.Thanks to using Miracle grow, with added moisture and fertilizer. My fault. Thanks but no thanks for using that s….!

I hear you. I’m getting older too.

How many trees do you have to bring in? Me?, about 20.Some are big ones.
20 or so figtrees,24 or so citrus trees,much for a old fart. Got it down to a science Steve. Flabby muscles start at 69. Citrus are all in for the winter/ spring. About 32 tree’s.
Figs has to wait a couple of weeks, not necessary yet.

Yes AARP at least you have a tractor to do this

I always like farm equipment just to park them in front of the house to p…off my neighbors.