Wanting to buy Asian Persimmon seeds

Hello, does anyone here have Asian persimmons that produce viable seed? If so, do you have any that you’re willing to part with? If you didn’t save any last year would you be willing to save some to sell me this year?
Thanks, Chance

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I don’t have any available this year, but I did collect seed from Saijo and Sung Hui that I’m going to plant out in a couple of months to see if they’re viable. If so, I should have plenty of seed in the fall.

They were likely pollinated by american persimmon, so any fruits wouldn’t be true to the parent plant.

Great, if you get any to sprout then I’d certainly be willing to buy some from you in the fall.

Yes, me too! Especially Hachiya…or maybe Fuyu, Giant Fuyu, Coffee Cake, or Chocolate Persimmon? Anyone got some?

i have some asian persimmon seeds ill have to check which variety for trade for figs or u can buy please pm.