Wanting to buy Indar


now I totally want to meet thepodpiper…

I’m in Saint Clair Shores, Where are you?



I’m getting some good sealing top bottles and measuring what folks want. Seems 4 to8 ounces is the popular number.


Ill take 10 oz. if the bottle holds that? Ill wait for drew to chime in to make sure he doesn’t mind that much stuff sent to his house.


I’m in Lincoln Park. About 40 min. from Drew.


Of course, it’s fine! The mailman is used to me! I worked for the PO 8 years so I give them fruit and stuff. This week I was flooded with live plants all waiting for this weather to turn in my garage. One nursery doubled my order!


I emailed as well but can you PM me your paypal?


I’ll get everyone all my info. This weekend. I’ll put it all together to everyone to make sure I got everyone,right amounts etc…


Can I get 4oz? I’ll PM you.


I pm’d you too.


I just want to say thanks to @dutch-s for taking this on, and doing a great service for us!


Hopefully I can come through in a timely fashion. I don’t mind doing it at all. Everyone here has been great and it kind of feels like just giving back a bit…I’ll be as expedient and efficient about it as I can guys… Thank you for appreciating it…


Pouring the rain. Time to start working on Indar. I got pint and half pint Ball jars. I’m getting stickers for each bottle so your names and quantities will be on the bottle. Monday I’ll print the label and box them all up. Should be in UPS no later than Wednesday.Tearing up the sky now…


Alright! I do believe i got it all for everyone. It’s in jars and all i’ll have to do is box them up.
BUT…I want to make sure i got everyone…SO here is everyone i have and amounts. Anyone sees any issues or maybe that you are missing PLEASE let me know. This is not an imposition…I really don’t mind ’
DREW51- 4 ozs.
PODpiper- 10 ozs.
JEM- 8 Ozs.
Sean2280- 16 ozs.
IowaJerry- 16 ozs.
Smatthew- 8 ozs.
Johnnyapples- 8 ozs.
Chills- 4 ozs. Shipping with Drew51


I don’t see my name on your list?


I could have missed it. Can you please pm me your address and how much you want? I’ll get it done right away. Damn rain is still here…


I vacuum bag sealed them. You guys think that’ll work?


maybe I see one in the picture?


Looks good to me. Be sure to put any extra cost onto us. I had brown rot last year and was about to give up on cherries.


It’s all good. Glad i can help and i hope it works for you all…


Looks good, i think the Podpiper wanted his shipped with mine, unless he changed his mind?
Just send me the bill, i will double it for the other guys, keep this between us :slight_smile: