Wanting to buy Indar


And i thank you for that. Drew did too…TY both…


No worries at all! I’m not in a hurry so just send it whenever you get a chance. I know you were hoping to recoup some of your costs and so i thought I’d help you out. I’ve been wanting to find Indar anyway. I appreciate all of the time you put into working this deal out.


I have been following this thread and just wanted to say how impressed I was with the cooperation in this forum. Very few places could you pull this off without something going off the rails. A big LIKE for everyone


I agree. A great bunch here.


Thank you once again for doing this.



I wonder if anyone knows Sean2280 or Smatthew? I haven’t heard from them yet. Maybe vacationing or something…


I just received mine today as the receipt you showed with traking said. Do their receipts say they should have got it today? I’m thinking maybe when they see the package they will remember. Although you would think they would have checked in here.


Great thinking John. They aren’t actually to be delivered until tomorrow and Friday. I’m sure they will let me know they got it. Thanks… I wasn’t worried. Just making sure I didn’t screw something up! LOL


Received my sauce today. You did a great job! Thanks again, Al


HAHAHA…You noticed. Cool. I’m glad i can help…


I got mine thanks!


Everyone’s still intact good?


Got mine today - safe and sound! Thanks again!


Yes, no damage.


Just wanted to say another big THANK YOU!!


No Sweat…


Got your payment Jason. Thank you much! Only one left… I appreciate all the kind words and everyone’s timeliness… :+1::+1::+1:


Everyone in. Speedster I am still trying to get yours shipped. Thank you everyone for your honesty and appreciation. What a great bunch. The results made it worth the effort and I really appreciate where some even threw in some extra. I really hope everyone got what they need and it does what they need.


I was starting to think the indar wasn’t going to work. I had some cherries turn yellow. As the season went on they either stayed small or dropped off. I never did get brown rot. I think indar works great! My cherries got raped by coons though. I will have to figure another plan. The trees all have broken branches too, and a bunch of leaves on the ground. I saw three big coons and three little ones about 1/4 size. I went out with a flashlight. I scared the mom and the three little ones up the pine tree. The others fled across the yard. I did buy a charger for a 15 mile fence last year. I need to get that hooked up for next year.