Washington Grafting / Ever Crisp & Honeycrisp

Good video…grafting in Wa. state.

some more bark grafting


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This guy makes great vids. The speed with which he grafts is sick!

Yeah…I can’t help but realize how freaking soft I am compared to these guys. I’ll be honest and say I simply couldn’t even carry their sweat buckets. I watched a video of his a while back where they were looking at a grafting job…all 1 year whips spaced 8" apart and probably only around 16" tall. They had 300,000 of them to do. Made my knees and back hurt just looking at them. Tough enough for the young Mexican guys, but he and Victor are older than me. Damn they’re in good shape.

Great video! I’m interested in the wood lath nailed on the tree to help for a new framework. What will the tree look like when the lath is removed?

Does this gut have some other video?

He has loads of videos, but I don’t think I remember one showing the framework removed. The older videos are better quality. I don’t know if he changed cameras or what.