Washington Navel Orange


During construction this Spring I removed my failing Robertson Navel. Unable to find another of suitable size, I replaced it with a Washington Navel. It’s doing well and sporting next year’s crop. :slight_smile:


Very nice Richard. A nice crop for a young tree .
Mine are golf ball size and should be ready next June/July



Richard, where do you normally get your fruit trees?


Here are the places I’ll search in the greater San Diego area:

Walter Andersen Nurseries (Poway, Point Loma)
Green Thumb (San Marcos)
City Farmer (a bit east of downtown)
Briggs Tree Company (Vista)

A very good online source for Citrus, esp. uncommon varieties: Four Winds Growers


Thanks! I’ve been to both Walter Andersons, I actually work next to the Pt Loma one. I’ll have to see about visiting the others when I’m out that way.


Fresh today!

Washington navel fruit 2018-01-25


Very nice Richard. Good colour too



those look great.