Water shortage in your area? These videos will be worth watching



I use a similar wicking method for many of my houseplants, it works well but takes some time to tweak the size of the wick in relation to the pot size.


Used the siphon hose dripper technique today on some olive tree starts. Used a 4gph pressure compensating dripper

…and my kid’s sand bucket…

Ends up dripping at about the .5 gph rate.


Is that just syphoning out of the bucket or is there a pump in there?


Just out of the bucket, no pump. The bucket of course has to be elevated higher than the dripper. Anybody with a fish tank knows this this is the easy way to change the water…same principle…


Thanks I am looking into watering some tomato plants this summer, I have the drip hose and the drippers, I was just debating drilling holes in the pails, but if I don’t have to this would work just as well.