Watermelon, fox, crow

Lost most of my melons and all future ones this season (small green ones destroyed too).
I know a fox is eating some. Lots of crows hanging around, can they pierce the rind?
A couple of years ago I used baskets with legs and bricks, worked well until now, somehow they found a way under or through.
Other solutions I’ve tried damage the fruit or get entangled in the rapidly growing vines, making it difficult to check ripeness occasionally.
Electric fence will be too expensive, and wouldn’t help against crows (if they are indeed a problem).


One of my cousins, down in Alabama, was losing watermelons - at all hours of day and night - to coyotes. I think he just had to ‘grin and bear it’… they don’t live on the property where he had his garden.

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Sorry to hear that. Yep, coyotes will eat them here at night, even right by your house. Maybe use some odor deterrant around the edges to deter the foxes? They sell cougar scent but I’ve never tried it.

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Talked to my cousin. Someone told him to cover each remaining melon with a square of landscape fabric. That stopped the coyote depredation. Coincidence… IDK.

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Interesting idea, so like wrap it up? Or pin it down?

I’ll ask for clarification, but it sounded like he just laid it on top of the melons

Heard back… he said he just draped it over the melons; what he actually used was material cut from an old swimming pool cover… a little heavier than most landscape fabric.

Interesting, but I think the fox would get under that

I’m also wondering how to do that without smothering the surrounding vines and leaves

This is what I’m currently using.
I have a bunch of plastic baskets from the dollar store. I cut wood legs so that there’s about two or 3 inches of clearance from the ground., and zip tied them on. Concrete block on top.
It worked very well for a few years, but last year somehow they were able to get in and damage the fruit. I’m still not sure exactly how they did it.

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First of the season last night

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