Watermelon growing and Melon growing thread of 2018


As you know, I feel 33 days is a safe start date for most melons under 25 lbs. Depending on variety, mine have ranged from 28 to 36 days. I would say by looking that you are at least 7 days over the hill if not 10.


Thanks. I will pick my 2nd one tomorrow.


I’ll try to get a pic tomorrow, but we picked our second Raspa watermelon today. These are good melons–dark pink flesh, thick rind, and excellent flavor. When I picked the first one last week and was eating it, I kept being reminded of the taste of bubble gum. I wonder if watermelon-flavored bubble gum was developed from a Raspa!

Based on the one we picked today, I believe I can pick a couple more this weekend. And I’ve got a big Big Stripe and a big OrangeGlo that are calling my name. I’m not sure I can hold out much longer to pick them.


@mamuang wow that looks great i love the different colors


It was interesting to see the mix of white and yellow in the flesh.

Unfortunately, 45 days were too long. The flesh was mushy and it was bland. The melon held so much water due to so much rain. Had to throw it away.


I’ve had the same issue with my Sangria Watermelon but the ones from mountain donkey didn’t do that to me. It was sheer luck I picked them at the right time though. I’m only here on weekends so I just made sure the tendrel was a few days totally dead and it seemed to work out pretty good. Although they were VERY juicy they were pretty solid and sweet. Good luck!


Picked another OG+WW at 39 days. A bit over ripe. Brix was 11 which should be sweet but it was very watery and only mildly sweet. I think the frequent rain has ruined many 9f my fruit that ripen these past 1-3 weeks.

I plan to pick my next OG+WW at around 35 days.


mine were watery too, kaho was fantastic


I picked my first OG/WW from @Mountain_Donkey on August 15th. I didn’t get the date when fruit set, but on July 15th it was the size of an egg. The tendril had dried up and figured it shouldn’t wait any longer. It weighed 14 lb 4 oz. The very heart was a bit soft, could have picked it 3-5 days earlier maybe?

The melon was a beautiful light yellow, very crisp and juicy. Not as sweet as my OrangeGlo melons, but very good! It was well chilled and the perfect snack after working in the garden.
Thanks @Mountain_Donkey!!


I picked my first OrangeGlo August 4th, and brought it 700+ miles to share with family a few days later. It was perfect! Great flavor, and we love the crisp texture. I only snapped one picture, and it wasn’t a very good one.


@KSprairie wow yours looks great, in a year i should have some kaho x orangeglo to try out, im glad you enjoyed it :slight_smile:


@Mountain_Donkey, my Vines got a whole new vigor when I fertilized both adjacent rows to plant Amaranth and Sorghum. I have 10-15 new little melons on again. The biggest the size of a softball right now. I was very happy and surprised to see them. Looks like I’ll have a near fall crop of watermelon!


thats awesome news @dutch-s


in my experience it is not only picking the right date to harvest but there is also a 10 to 14 day time that you have to stop watering before you pick them. that could be the reason for some that are getting melons that are watered down and not real sweet. some others here may have more to add in regards to this.


I agree. Problem here is I can’t make the clouds cooperate! Lol…


It has rained heavily here for weeks. We are in the northeast.


Today’s harvest. Been gone a few days and a couple probably could’ve been picked a few days ago


Great harvest! Do those eggs grow on vines or stalks?


We have had good rains, but then a lot of melons cracked. Then twice we had hail that really wrecked the large leafed plants. The melon patch got beat to the ground, cucumbers shredded, and even the young persimmon trees have lace for leaves. Some years are better then others. Got a charlston gray that was fairly well ripe, but overwatered. Oh well.