We all have a lot to learn

When it comes to growing fruit we all have a lot to learn. I’ve noticed through the years of growing fruit many things I originally thought were incorrect. Hopefully no one ever stops learning. What have you learned lately that might help someone else? Something eats my Jerusalem artichokes and peanuts and I still don’t know what does it. I plan to dig around a few fruit trees and inspect for tunnels to make sure it doesn’t like pear or or apple roots.


Clark, I once had something eating my sweet potatoes. I’m used to many things enjoying the leaves, but this critter was eating large portions of the tubers. Turned out that it was a large, well nourished, rat. That was the first critter I found in my gardens that grossed me out. It was also the only time I was glad the garden was far from the house.


Hmm that’s got me wondering. I had a bit of a pack rat problem this winter. Finally got rid of all of them.

or maybe you just thought you did…lol

maybe it’s the rotten pine voles like I have

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