We don't talk about Richard

We don’t talk about Bruno is a song about the black sheep of the family in the New Disney Movie Encanto.

But this is not about Bruno this is about @Richard. Richard disappeared from all of the forums I know of in 2020 and I sincerely have wondered what happened to him.

At least its good to know he is still out there spreading his wisdom in some form.

GUEST COLUMN: Dragon Fruit – A Grower’s Comments (sdhortnews.org)

Frost Concepts

Plants That Produce


Same old Richard. Detailed, factual, packed wall to wall with information.


I believe he is hanging out on some of the CRFG FB pages. I do miss reading his posts as he usually had something interesting to say.

@lordkiwi Thank you for the links! I had lost some of those.

Some people are in touch with him and said he is strong and doing well. :slightly_smiling_face:


Sorry if this spoils the movie but at the end everyone starts talking about Bruno again.

Welcome back