Weather Station Recommendations

Well the time has come, another sensor has failed on my old weather station and new ones are no longer available, so I am looking for a replacement. My basic requirements are: that it accept multiple temp/humidity sensors (not just the typical indoor and 1 outdoor), and that it stand up to severe weather. Those are must haves; beyond those, internet access, settable alarms and other bells and whistles would be nice.

I have found one that seems to meet these needs, an Ambient Weather WS-2000. But I thought I would post on the list to see if there was any feedback on this model, or if there were others out there I should look at as well which people would recommend.


I have the Ambient WS-1550 and it’s a great station. No complaints!

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I just replaced the original (?) sensors on a nearly 30 year old Davis station. Only the wind and precipitation were a problem, but it came as a pack which included a new motherboard for the sending unit. The system is really pretty bulletproof. I like it.


Thanks @tv051. Yes, from what I have read online, Davis makes the best units.

Unfortunately at this point in time, they are still selling their older models (at least at the consumer level) which lack wifi and multiple temp inputs. So they really don’t have a comparable consumer model at the moment. But given the number of sites putting their older models on sale, I suspect they are about to announce some new models very soon.

The other issue is cost. The older Davis units are 2-3x the price of the Ambient unit I am looking at. And one can buy an entire new sensor array for the ambient for 1/2 what Davis charges to refurb/recal their old sensors.

It may be a case of you get what you pay for with Davis. I’m just not convinced that going with top of the line on non-essential consumer stuff makes sense.