Webworm & Pawpaw -- trees that get munched and those that don't

webworm observations from the garden. 3-year trend regarding my 8 varieties of Pawpaw that the webworm like or leave alone (for the most part). NOT scientific; just a Pawpaw Fanatic in the garden.
scale from 1-10 (1 = webworm candy).
1 = Prolific
3 = KY Champion and an unknown seed of cultivar
5 = Wells and most native trees
7 = Potomac
10 = Jerry’s Big Girl (250-39) and Susquehanna

for the 10s, i may pinch a leave or three – once – and the tree is free of webworm for the yr.
for below 5, if i don’t immediately tip prune, then tree becomes a webworm hive.
*** the KY Champion is 12’ away from the Jerry’s Big Girl. Jerry’s Big Girl is just a monster…