Well this is new, carpenter ants ate my rhubarb

It has been bone dry here. I went to water my rhubarb and it was looking downright wilted. This is odd because with their long tap root they usually do fine under a dry spell. Unfortunately for it a colony of carpenter ants decided to move in. My guess is that because of the draught they decided to mine a plant full of liquid.

put a ring of D.E around the plant and some where theyre coming out of. thats a 1st. ive heard of that for carpenter ants. in the 2020 drought here the little black ants we beelining it to my humming bird feeders. a circle of axle grease on the pole stopped them dead.

Yeah, that stuff works like magic on ants. Funny how we take it for cholesterol, constipation, and for skin/teeth/bone health. And yet to ants the powder is sharp shards that gives them the death of a thousand cuts.

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Downright criminal!
I had them eat my coleus plant in a whiskey barrell planter once.