Wet feet

Thinking about planting a crabapple just for the flowers. The only place I have left is a little damp. Is there any that can stand wet feet at all. If so which ones. All help wanted. :smiley:

Give it a try, unless it is really wet and swampy, it will probably do well. If the area stays wet for more than a week or two, it will be less likely to survive but you probably guessed that. Plant seedling crabapples such as sargent, or crabs on seedling or antanovka or m111 rootstock. Chances are you won’t know what the rootstock is unless you order from a reputable nursery. Avoid dwarfing and other semi-dwarfing stock because of anchorage problems…especially in wet soil. I think it is true that some varieties of crabs do better in wet soil than others so we will need more people to chime in here.

I haven’t tried it myself but hear you can use Malus Fusca, rootstock which is the native swamp crab apple. Then you use Winter Banana as an interstem.


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Quill…I’d never before heard of malus fusca, but after reading up on it you made a awesome suggestion!