What a big difference a few years make


I did a walk through this morning and took a picture of most of my bagged apple varieties. You always regret the one that got away. My Enterprise has not fruited yet but I think we are getting close.


I apologize for putting all those AB in one bag but the stems were very short. Slipped a BroGanza bag over the group and never looked back until today.


How old are these trees?


Why do you leave groups of apples together like that instead of thinning them to every few inches? The reason I ask is I always feel like I want to do it like you, and have more, smaller apples compared to less large perfect apples. Have you seen any negative effects like rot where they touch or the apples not ripening because they are so close?

Great pics by the way.


Most of my trees have been planted 2-4 years. I do have one Callery pear planted about eight years.


Most of the groupings were left due to the lack of total fruit on an individual tree so as to utilize it’s maximum ability. Some were left so they would naturally bend the limbs downward. I have to confess that some were left in large clusters due to neglect on my part. I certainly would not recommend my approach as it certainly has the potential to cause alternate year fruiting. Limbs could break but I keep a pretty good check on their status.


Which are you most looking forward to eating?


Although the Goldrush and Pink Lady will probably be the best tasting I’m most looking forward to trying out the ones I have never had before. King David, Sundance, and Rubinette.


Rubinette is a stand-out.


What Murky said!


There is only two small Rubinette so I’m hoping they make it to ripening time.


I forgot to mention that I haven’t tried Gloria Mundi. It doesn’t have any fruit and I have read that it is mostly a large cooking type apple.


If I tried that here I’d have baked apples after one hot, sunny day.


You must live in a squirrel free zone…


I have squirrels running around all over the place. I have no clue why they don’t attack my bagged fruit.


I’ve tried using bags but can’t keep them on, particularly after it rains. Any advice?



Cut a small slit in the middle of a bag for a stem to go through easily. It will help a bag secured tightly when ziplocked.


What kind of bags?


Zip-loc. I cut a slit as suggested after watching a youtube video. Maybe 1/3 stayed on.


I have bagged hundreds and hundreds of apples for the past several years. I hardly have bags fallen off. I have had bags dropped because apples aborted but the bags on the ground remained tightly zipped.

To me, the key is the locking system. How well it locks. You can feel and hear the sound of it. When a bag falls off, it usually is because the locking system does not work properly.

I use the Zip Lock brand. I have read that people have success with Walmart and other store bought brands.