What are these funky guys?

I tried looking up “red aphids” on google and came up with some images that look similar but not exactly what these funky guys look like. They are on my SpringHigh blueberry plant…just noticed them this evening:

Funky Guys:’

After a bit more research, I think they might be assassin bugs or leaf footed nymphs which are definitely not a beneficial. Still investigating…

Those are baby leaf footed bugs! I hate them bastards!! Kill it with fire! lol Ok not really. Soapy water kills them.

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Oh lord, welcome to hell. Those things are the worst.

I captured 3 adults within 2 days last week. I’d catch them by a hind leg and then scrunch them. They had a distinctly spicy scent when crushed.

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I snipped off the branch they all were congregating on and dropped it in a bucket and added soap and filled it with water. I let it sit for a bit and then dumped them out and it looked like they all had bit the bucket.

They can reach plague levels. I killed around 30 adults last week on a small mulberry bush. I hate them. Easily my least favorite bug.

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