What are you cooking with your Home-grown fruit?

I made Apricot pie with my F1 Morrpark Apricots. What about you?


I have been making a lot of smoothies trying to use up last year’s fruit. I have to give away more this year as I have enough for my family all year. I’m also going to infuse some vodka.
I just had my first harvest yesterday, one strawberry. So for me this is just the very very start of harvest season. My stone fruit will be gone in a NY minute. It’s so good it’s eaten fresh immediately. But that will not be till late July. I have no early cultivars yet.
I do have a number of dishes to try this year. I will concentrate more on them when the time comes.

Looks great! Bet it tastes great too. There is nothing like the taste of your own fruit!!! I cannot wait to be able to grow apricots that will stay on the tree!

If zuccetta fruit counts, I am making dry jam (candied fruit) from them. I also make it from peaches, but not this year - I have 0 peaches. Peach marmalade is another peach dish. I also making Russian style jam (whole not pitted berries cooked in syrup) from sour cherry(when it is not infested with larva, otherwise I cut it and remove the pit). Fresh frozen jam from black current. Sweet wine from raspberries. There is also a drink(Compote) you can make form any fruit in any combination, as long as you have enough acidity in them - fruit, water, ,bring to boil, add sugar (a little) for your taste, let it boil for 2-3 min and turn off. Let it cool completely and refrigerate. Drink the liquid - very nice in hot day. Fruit are usually not that good, they give their taste to liquid, but it is not same concentrated and sweet as juice, feels light and you can decide amount of sugar.

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It looks very delicious. nothing harvested yet here in Chicago land

I made Citrus-Herb Tuna Steaks with Sweet Treat Pluerry sauce today.

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Nice plating!

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Are you training to become a chef?

This is just my hobby.


Seared Shrimp and Scallops with Sweet Treat Pluerry Halves.



T-Bone steak topped with almonds along with Honey-Mint Grilled Sun Rose Peacharines.