What are you ordering, 2018


My Cummins order arrived today. I drove to the mountain and planted the items right away… just before dark.

Sansa apple on Geneva.11 understock.

Harvest Queen pear on Quince roots.


The sansa has a very crooked graft. I don’t guess it matters at the end of the day. Some of the peaches I got from ACN this year had ugly grafts, but again I guess it does not matter.


Yeah, the Sansa graft is quite crooked. I’ve got it supported by my post-and-wire trellis so hopefully it will be a non-issue.


Two of the four trees i got from Cummins last year had those types of grafts. Not sure what they’re going for.


Those “dog leg” looking trees aren’t grafted, they’re generally t-budded


I got a Liberty on G202 from Cummins last year that had a big curve in it off the graft. After a year and a half, it seems to be doing OK. I do wonder how sturdy the union will be tho, when it gets bigger and starts to produce fruit.


I had a great many funky grafts from Cummins, all of which look like completely normal trees now.

Don’t worry be happy :smile:


I initially ordered 4 Apple trees from Cummins. Due to fire blight on two of my apple trees at the end of season I canceled all of my apples and substituted Pear trees

Pear - Harrow Gold (-10) 1-year Bare-root OHxF 87
Pear - Harrow Sweet (+20) 1-year Bare-root OHxF 87
Pear - Honeysweet (+7) 1-year Bare-root OHxF 87
Pear - Yoinashi 1-year Bare-root OHxF 97

I changed the B118 rootstock to G.202 due aphid issues.

6 Rootstocks 1-year Bare-root G.202

I have an Initial apple on G11 that I will keep from ACN.

Cherries on Maxma14 Rootstock from Brandt.

Black Pearl

Peaches from ACN.

September Snow
FFury PF 8 Ball

I added PF5 and Eveylen Peach to plant at my father’s farm.

I will get a couple of Paw Paws and Persimmons from Edible Landscape when they get there new stock in for 2018.


I changed my orders. I also already planted my first order.

The order I planted was a chestnut Precose Migoule. I did a lot of web research, and I think this one has potential to bear in a few years, and can exchange pollen with at least one of the other chestnut cultivars I planted late last winter. Burnt Ridge did a very nice job packaging this 6 foot tree, bending the top over instead of cutting it off at 4 feet. It needed a little splinting but no visible damage was present.

In my climate, peach leaf curl is highly limiting for peaches. I ordered a Frost peach and Kreibich nectarine, both of which have long histories in the maritime NW.

I ordered Flavor Supreme pluot because I found reports on the web where they at least sometimes bear fruit in my area.

Lastly, I ordered Black Beauty Mulberry, Morus nigra. The descriptions suggest this tree reaches a Goldilocks ideal size, too tall for the damn deer, when mature, but I shouldnt be needing a too tall ladder, either. My Illinois Everbearing is also in that size range. Deer dont actually eat many leaves of Illinois Everbearing. Looking at Morus nigra photos, the leaves look a little tough, which might also help.

The other item is more fencing and fenceposts for deer. I already enclosed that nice new chestnut.


My deer eat Morus Nigra leaves.


I know deer will eat anything if they’re hungry enough (even, say, holly leaves) but there is a definite hierarchy of plants all the way from “Yum, I love this!” to “This is better than starving”. Would you say mulberry is on the top of the list, or more toward the middle?


We have a mild temperate climate and the deer are coddled. They are never starving. There are always at least blackberry leaves, ferns, doug fir and stuff that they could eat. I think some people even feed them.

So I consider anything that they eat more than one or two leaves from as vulnerable. They’ve never eaten rhubarb, thyme, or rosemary that I can tell.

Persimmon, pawpaw, olive, fig, feijoa and mulberry are all vulnerable here. It may be that irrigation/cultivation makes them more tempting.


Oh well! I will cage my tree, until it’s tall, anyway. Thanks for the warning!

I also have some cacti they haven’t touched! Also herbs such as oregano, mints, lemon balm. Or, castor bean, fan palm, pine, buddleia, bamboo, potato plants. I have not lost daffodils or camassia. But in general, I agree with you completely. I dont know why they dont eat that Illinois Everbearing mulberry, but it’s almost entirely untouched.

I also lost an entire row of Leyland Cypress via antler rubbing, a few days ago.


If anyone is interested ISON Nursery is having a 20% off sale and free shipping, They are known for grapes but sell fruit trees. They do not have a large selection of trees or the latest varieties but there price is right with free shipping, With discount there peach trees are roughly $20.00 each including shipping and $48 each for there large caliper trees.


Eyeballing that Pakistan Mulberry. I don’t have a mulberry, so I’m curious. Is it possible to keep them pruned down to less than 10 feet? Anyone grow this variety? Worth the space?


Well Grandpa’s Orchard is live with there inventory. Second year in a row they will not get any business from me. I want to order some of the PF series and they never have them - Paramount, George, Early 8 Ball and the list goes on. No Earlystar. There selection of Stellar Series peach is mediocre also. They had some discounted varieties with “ugly” class trees. The price looked good until you tack on the $40.00 shipping.


Either I missed this or it posted after i went to the site -

“12/13/17—We are currently posting the Spring 2018 Inventory and it may take a couple days. PLEASE do not place any orders until ALL Inventory is posted and this message is removed! Thank you for your patience”

Maybe there is still hope …


Ordered 700 Bud 9 and 200 M 7 apple rootstocks, plus 100 OH x F 87 and 100 OH x F 333 pear rootstocks. Will also be getting some stone fruit rootstocks. Planning to do a lot of grafting.


I’d love to hear how you like the Frost and Kreibich on down the road as I will eventually have to wander down the path of growing peaches and nectarines. My plan to plexiglass around a protected area has stalled for now though.


Ordered the following:

Black Boy Peach on Lovell
Contender Peach on Lovell
Weeping Santa Rosa on Myro
Flavor Supreme on Myro
Loring Peach on Lovell

Ordered form both Bay Laurel and Raintree


@Quill, for a while I was growing genetic dwarf peaches in containers, and moved the containers into an unheated shed for the winter, out of the rain. That was successful at preventing leaf curl problems. The peaches were smaller, but really delicious and worth it. Watering during hot summer was a challenge and it was hard for me to keep up. I also can’t haul around big plant containers like I used to,so I gave up. As for curl resistant, in ground peach trees, Oregon Curl Free was quite resistant to PLC but died of canker. Charlotte gets some curl, and takes a while to recover, so the peaches are small and late. It also needs a lot of time in thinning, because it over-sets. Q-1-8 or Salish Summer is good and does resist curl. Mary Jane is sold as PLC resistant but mine died of the disease within 2 years of planting. I have a seedling from Oregon Curl Free, 3 years old, no peaches yet. I thought TriLite peach plum hybrid might be resistant, due to the plum contribution, but it was very susceptible. Frost and Kreibich look like old standards that have a longer history, so my reasoning is that I should try something like that. Nainamo peach from One Green World sounded very attractive, but too new for me to try this year. We will see what happens with Frost and Kreibich.