What are you ordering, 2018


I wonder on the Har- series, which is the most flavorful.


I ordered and planted two Methley Plum, 2 Starking Delicous Plum and 2 Stark Crimson Gold Nectarine…2 Butternut trees as well…


That is a tough question to answer because it varies so much site to site and season to season, but the only one I consider worth growing at this point is Hargrand just because I’m sick of other varieties dying here. Thin them and you will be pleased with the quality, most likely. They size up like a decent sized Ca cot.


mulch your strawberries well and they will do well for you.


Am I losing my mind? How did you know i am planting strawberries?


I would like to know, too. I lost my first Harglow during hurricane Sandy, but the apricots were good tasting, not outstanding like Tomcot. My Orange Red died. This year both Tomcot and Harglow are in bloom. We shall see.


I’ve lost several named apricots over the past few years: OrangeRed, Moniqui, Sugar Pearls, Tomcot. So I’ve switched over to planting seeds of white apricots and seeing what might survive for me. Two or three seem like they might at least be healthy trees, but who knows about fruit fruit quality.


That makes me feel like I should not plant an apricot tree. So far, I’ve several grafts of apricots on my nectarine and peach trees. I hope next year, my two prunus americana seedlings will be big enough to graft on. Some apricots will be on them, too.

This year, I have several apricots setting fruit but it’s too early to tell. So many enemies of them (and me) are abound.


you posted a while ago on here.


That’s funny. I just noticed I posted my new trees twice too! Getting oldstimers disease! Lol. I just got a box of new strawberries and am doing a separate bed for them after realizing they are kind of perrenials and they spread so heavy. So mulch is really important? Just regular mulch or pine straw? I’m guessing to just keep the berries off the ground?


berries off the ground and conserve moisture. i use wood chips but straw generally works better. i put down fresh mulch every spring after fertilizing them.


Cool…I have some bags of Pine shavings…I suspect that should work…


Believe it or not, I just now got my order from raintree. THis is the latest I’ve ever received trees, but they were still 100% dormant. I wonder if they have been in a refrigerated area? Surely outside trees in Washington have broken dormancy by now? Maybe not?

I received the following:
1 Sweet Treat Pluerry
1 Coe’s Golden Drop Euro Plum
1 Nakita’s Gift Persimmon
2 Saijo Persimmons (the only thing in the order I already have-1 tree wasn’t enough of this incredible fruit!)


hey stan i just wanted to get back to you about my successes and failures of olive trees in zone 7

okay my success is very limited and is probably due to the fact that the few trees i do have were in a sheltered location
just like my arbequina in previous years

all of my olive trees are dead

except for nicoise and frantoio

kalamata cerignola manzanilla and arbequina all dead due to zone 7 winter cold

i will leave my remaining two varieties of olive trees in pots in a sheltered location until i trust their size enough to put them up against the full brunt of our zone 7 winters

still no regrets but will be especially happy if i do have olives in zone 7

that’s a success i can look forward to :slight_smile:


@Mountain_Donkey, thank you for the report, it will be valuable for people who consider pushing zone with olive trees. Can you please elaborate what’s your sheltered location is?


my sheltered location is outside against a garage door with winds pushing from the west, there are many trees to block the olives from such harsh winds in this direction

however i do have another hypothesis as to why so many trees may have failed

my conclusion is that the arbequina olive tree may have faired better if it was in a sunnier location throughout the year, it was only recieving two hours a day of sunlight before i moved it for a second time
i’ve had it facing brutal wind and cold conditions before and it didn’t die and was also much smaller at this point, so i would like to add, if you are going to zone push with your olive trees you should probably order them in spring and give them alot of sun before putting them up against winter cold

my frantoio and nicoise olive trees are doing well this spring, the nicoise more so than the frantoio but they are still very small at this point, last winter was very brutal so i don’t know if much will change but i will report back if these dont make it


I am like you I get a variety either because of the name or the story behind the variety. I am a sucker as well. We are in the same club.
Every time I read the " Old Southern Apples" book I want more of those old varieties. I had to buy a second copy of that book I had read it so much the pages were falling out. Henry Clay sounds like a great apple variety to try. I hope it is the actual variety you received from them. I received some scions from Botner and I think a few were mislabled. Evidently that was sort of issue when you received scions from him. Keep us updated once the Henry Clay starts to produce fruit. It is one I had been eyeing myself. It is so sad that Tim passed away and his nursery went defunct. I always enjoyed seeing his informative videos and honest opinions of the apples.


Two trees disappoint, so hope to top work one down at the stock, and most of Rambour Franc/Summer Rambo, leaving one limb. Ordered from Derek Mills:

Apricot Apple (found circa 1985 by the late Lon Rombough)
Orléans Reinette

I declined trying Discovery in years past due to its rather tardy bearing. If the graft succeeds, there will be a few RF apples each August while waiting to see if Discovery can tackle hot dry summers. This is also something of a risk, as Discovery is related to Lord Lambourne. (Both share Worcester Pearmain as a parent, although WP is pollen parent to Lord Lambourne and seed parent to Discovery.) LL fruit split severely out this way. Here’s hoping Discovery does better!


I just bit the bullet and bought more, even though I told myself I wouldn’t

Montrose Apricot
Spitzenberg Apple … I kind of have a things for plants I’ve seen or heard about growing at Monticello
Winecrisp Apple
Harrow Sweet Pear
Prairie Star American Persimmon


So, my intent was to not buy more trees or scion for 2019, but instead concentrate on getting the approximately 400 trees in my nursery bed planted out in the planned orchard (mostly apple, and the rest are about 65 pear). Then 39thParralell posted a sale on trees and these got ordered:

2 Arkansas Black, 2 Ashmead’s Kernel, 2 Black Twig, 2 Enterprise, 1 Harrison, 2 Hewe’s Crab, 2 Mott’s Pink, 2 39th Parralell, 3 Honey(crisp), 3 Fameuse, as well as scion for Golden Delicious(Mullins), Golden Delicious(Spur Type), Apricot, Dudley, Northern Spy and Prairie Spy (3 trees each from the scions, so 18 additional trees).

Today I ordered rootstocks to fill out the varieties I already have in the nursery bed and to graft the new scions to (trying to have at least 3 trees of any one variety for the apples):

25 G.210, 25 G.890, 10 MM.106, 10 M.111 and 15 P.18 for a total of 85 rootstocks.

We have to complete clearing trees from the orchard site and have the stumps pulled (we’ve cut and chipped over 600 trees already).