What are you ordering, 2018


I’ve ordered a Newton Pippin, a Macoun and Kerry Irish Pippin in apples and Indian Free, Redhaven, a Silver Logan and Saturn in peaches. I’ve also decided to try out some grafting onto a Bartlett pear that we have, so I’ve ordered some Magness and Seckel pear scionwood. Now all I need is a bigger yard…


I ordered 3 rainier cherry on new root
2 bing cherry on new root, a honey crisp apple, a honey kist nectarine, a late Santa Rosa plum, a chandler walnut, 1 flame grape, 2 Thompson seedless and 2 ruby grapes. Apparently I love to plant and replant cherry trees. Oh well.


My grapes came in from grow organic. I am pleased


I decided not to add anything this year. I need to cut back. I’m culling a few and a couple died.

But I read up on Redlove red flesh apples, different flavor notes and disease resistant, so ordered a Redlove Era apple tree. I love the Airlie Redflesh, and I have a good spot for Redlive Era that will not need more maintenance, between two multigraft dwarf apple trees.

And we talked about jujubes, so I ordered three types, but the nursery had some graft failure so just getting Winter Delight and Li. They will replace two trees, a seedling American plum, canker prone, and dead Sweet Treat. And a Red Sun Chinese Haw, to compliment our old unnamed Haw. Maybe plant that in chicken yard.

My quince has grown back after an unfortunate riding mower incident in 2016, but might be understock, so I ordered some Smyrna scion for that. But other than that, I decided I don’t want anything.

But then I was looking at my fenced-in area, which contains some widely spaced dwarf apple trees, and a columnar North Pole apple, which we really enjoy. I had also moved an older Golden Sentinel columnar apple tree there, also app,es we like, and noted some extra space, good for two more columnar trees. This is already fenced and mulched, and we already water there. So I ordered two more columnar apple trees, promoted as disease resistant - Tasty Red and Golden Treat. But other than that, nothing.

But then, we were so enthusiastic about the persimmon crop this year, I ordered Chocolate and Coffee Cake persimmon trees… They will replace a dead apricot tree. That’s it. I don’t want more.

But the big Chehalis branch on my multigraft is just not good. i don’t like them. Big, woody tasting apples. So I ordered some scion to overgraft - Prima, Williams Pride, Gold Rush, and some Honecrisp.

Home Orchard Society has a scion show in a couple months. I’m not planning on getting any there…


Sometimes I say,it’s just two more trees.bb


Well, it’s a good thing you cut back :wink:

No trees for me this year, other than putting my three potted bench grafts in the ground. That will make 32 total trees, yikes. Think I’m done with any more berry plants too.


…. I added 16 bench grafted trees to my order.


I hope that means you are still going to the HOS show.


I planted a very nice-looking Red Devil apple on MM111 from Trees of Antiquity today.

Only one new tree this year, and it was a replacement for something that didn’t work out! And I only have about half a dozen grafts planned! Perhaps I’m finally coming to my senses.


TOA sure raves about the variety and they are sold out of it. Discovery, one parent, is a very nice apple when it has a good season and is pretty early. It sounds like a good choice.


Discovery is, in fact, one the handful of grafts that I’m planning this year. Also Devonshire Quarrenden, an ancestor of both.


Got the trees today. Nice caliper. Not huge roots but lots of roots. From Grow organic