What are you ordering for 2022?

called Vaughn this morning. they’re all out of pears but were happy to take my order for only 10 trees. getting these to match some successful stuff at local u-picks. spraying for PLC really opens up peach options here but the retail nurseries don’t cater to that, it’s just endless nanaimo/frost/avalon pride/q18 etc.

Early redhaven-2
Fantasia nectarine+21
Au producer
Spring satin

wrote a letter to Schlabach’s today, hoping they have the star/stellar peaches again which will round things out:

Garnet beauty-10

rootstocks from burnt ridge. columbia giant, columbia sunrise, columbia star blackberries. interlaken, canadice, hope grapes. looking for any other arkansas table grapes (compassion, gratitude, etc.) since osu did a test a few years back and they performed pretty well and are reportedly some of the crispest grapes we can grow here which is the main trait I’m after. buying table grapes is difficult because eastern nurseries won’t ship them here (wine country phytosanitary stuff) so I’m stuck with $30/vine at raintree, and not all of the arkansas varieties I want are even available


Need to order scion for grafting. Maybe one rootstock, debating to either replace or cut Asian pear off and graft European or cut out completely ohxf97. Looked at Raintree and wow there really are 25-30$ grape vines, glad I got what I want last year. Really am done with fruit trees anymore down to what I like and want more of and getting rid of others. Still room for 3 fig trees hopefully get those this year.

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I ordered 12 peach trees from Vaughn’s Nursery yesterday. They had a nice selection, and dirt bottom prices. I order some peach and pears from Adams County nursery a couple of months ago. I am glad I got my order in early, because they sell out fast. I ordered 4 Hybrid Asian pears from Raintree Nursery. (hard to find varieties) I ordered them a couple of months ago before they hiked their prices up. I also got my pear scions ordered from 39th Parallel.

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Snow Giant
White Lady
China Pearl
Flame Prince
Sunny J

Three Blue Damson to use as grafting base
Au Rosa
AU producer
AU Roadside
(I plan to graft graft these three AU with one another)

White Gold cherry

Double Gold


Id like to add a few table grape vines but am unsure of what are reliable, easy to grow, varieties. I was unable to find much regarding disease resistance.


Sounds like you will keep busy come spring. Be sure to protect it all from the critters. That is more work than the planting.


Apples I have coming are

King David
Red devil
Cox orange pippin
Surprise apple
Pink Pearl
Arkansas Black
Crimson Topaz
Strawberry Parfait
Plus a bunch of scions I have ordered

Plums I have coming

Green Gauge
Nadia Cherry plum
Bubble Gum plum
Flavor punch pluery

Cherry I have coming

White gold
Surefire pie

Peach that’s coming

Indian Free
Black boy peach

Pears I have coming

Summer blood birne


Wow, I envy you folks that have enough land that you can plan to add new trees. My house is on 1/4 acre. House takes up half that space. So, I have less than 3/8 of an acre for planting. I have 7 espalier fruit trees and 6 espalier Ribes. I would love to plant some more fruit producing plants. Any recommendations for plans that take up little space?


Nothing, but I am going to graft a few citrus.

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You don’t need a a huge area. I will have 52 fruit trees, plus raspberries and blueberries, that take up about 5000 - 6000 SF (So less than 1/7 of an approx 1 acre area) Though, I am maintaining them to be small with pruning.

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This year a Montmorency Cherry to replace my dead Calville Blanc d’Hiver apple (so sad). And I think a yellow peach. Haven’t decided on the variety yet. Our stonefruit select here in France is enormous and many of the varieties I have never heard of. Like in the states the markets are filled with ‘tried and true’ varieties of apples, pears, plums peaches and apricots. You have to go to the roadside stands to get the obscure varieties to taste. Cannot wait for spring!


Berries don’t take up much space. Strawberries, blackberries, raspberries. Also, you can start grafting to what you have to add more varieties.

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So far,

Mango Paw Paw
Pennsylvania Golden Paw Paw
KSU - Atwood Paw Paw
Campbell’s NC-1 Paw Paw
Kokuso Mulberry
Early Golden American Persimmon
Layeroka Chestnut
Gillet Chestnut
3 Chinese Chestnuts
10 Paw Paw seedlings from named cultivars


I hope to get a few persimmon scions to graft to the 5 rootstocks I planted last year - particularly Gora Goverla, which I have yet to locate a scion source for (PM me if you have it, please!).

I am also trying to branch out beyond persimmons. Stone fruits are too intimidating for my no-spray mindset, but I’m game to try some apples. Last night I ordered 3 trees from Cummins - Sweet Sixteen, CrimsonCrisp and GoldRush. Gotta diversify a bit!

Ya know, I might want to track down scions of King David and Arkansas Black apples to graft on the CrimsonCrisp tree, too!


First time grower here. I’ve learned so much reading this great site, especially Scott’s posts. Can’t wait to start in spring. Here’s my list.


Williams’ Pride on G.16
Pixie Crunch on G.41
Sweet Sixteen on G.11
Elstar on G.210
Beni Shogun Fuji on G.11

RedHaven on Guardian
Galactica on Guardian
Fantasia Nect on Guardian
Satsuma plum on Myro
NY 460 apricot on Myro
Shinseiki pear on OHxF87

Burnt Ridge

Luisa plum
Maekawa Jiro persimmon
KSU-Atwood pawpaw
Mango pawpaw
Sunflower pawpaw
Pawpaw seedlings
Hardy Chicago fig
Olympian fig

My back is aching thinking about how many holes I have to dig in advance comes spring. I have my gloves, tiller, pick/mattock, and spade/shovel ready.


If the roof were flat…‘green roofs’ are trendy in some cities.

I’m just about out of space. my own additions are only the vines/brambles which I’m training against walls of the house and outbuildings. I figure they’re perfect because I can always cut them back hard if I need to do any maintenance

my big tree order is to fill in a new orchard for a friend, he has about an acre fenced and mostly empty and is happy to let me pick my dream setup. some will go in this year and some will get grafted over the next year or two to save money and spread out the work


Did anyone else get the flyer from Indiana Berry saying they’re “ready to take your orders now for SPRING 2022”? Kind of odd since their website shows that they haven’t updated it yet. I’m interested in seeing if they’ll be offering any new varieties of berries or small fruits this year.


Yep then the website says not taking orders till Dec 1st


I’m starting to run out of room here (my lot, including the house is 50x100 feet), so not adding too much, just a few things from Nourse farms

MacDonald rhubarb (maybe a bit more heat tolerant? I’ve not had good luck with Victoria or Starkcrimson)
Bluegold blueberry
Northland blueberry


@poncirusguy When do you plan to graft?
What will you be grafting (scions and rootstock)?