What are you planting during the 2016 season?

I’m planting two Candy Heart pluerries, one Summer Delight Aprium, one Moniqui apricot, and one Marcona Almond.

Oh, I certainly hope I can control myself! I shouldn’t buy a single thing. I have lots of room, but can’t keep up with what I already have.


I’m planning on starting a multi graft plum - types a bit undecided - and a Sansa apple on G11.

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I think I’m a plant hoarder.lol.

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Ditto what @northwoodswis4 said.

When I read your question, the first thing I did was think about what I’d gotten this year. The tally came to 64 potentially fruit bearing plants - not counting the 153 strawberry plants. I still have those 15 trees from Stark’s end of season sale to plant in December after they go dormant again. (Although it will probably be only 13 because I doubt 2 will make it.) Along with 10 blueberries that are currently being pot grown.

I really am hoping to have restraint and sensibility next year while I continue to acclimate to the current plantings.

What I really both want and need to do is get proper scions and do extensive grafting. I need to “branch out” in more ways than one. Succeeding at that, I think, will give me the longest term satisfaction and feeling of accomplishment.

I’d also really like to root a variety of figs.

In the end, though, I do know myself, and there has never been a year when I didn’t buy at least 1 tree. I’ll wind up buying at least a few actual trees. Unfortunately, there’s been an ongoing list in my head.

But I am NOT a plant hoarder. I’ve learned to let go when they aren’t working out.

Will you be doing any crosses with any of these?

I am debating getting a plum a bit out of the usual - Luisa from NZ. Wonder if it could be a more interesting base tree for J. mix than Shiro.

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I want to cross my peachmond with the Marcona almond.

Similar to MuddyMess, I’ll probably buy something, even though I really should stick to grafting on the existing trees. If any spaces open up (a couple apricots have died and I’m thinking about eliminating a lot of red/white/pink currants and possibly some gooseberries), I’ve got some rootstocks that I can fill in with (a few K1 which I can make into peach, plum, or apricot, some B9 suckers, and a few pear rootstocks, as well as some jujubes).

So, in theory, I don’t need to buy anything. Of course, I didn’t need much this year either, but I still got 20 trees, 8 bushes, a bunch of berry canes, 25 strawberries, and 9 rootstocks (not counting the 50 jujube rootstocks).

Ha. Haahaa. That sounds like my story too. Somehow though when browsing Raintree not only did a Luisa plum get reserved but also a Spice Zee Nectaplum…and those 20% free Albion strawberries will need a home too.

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I dont have room left. This year, I just found graft is a fun thing to do, so I very likely will do a lot of grafting, but still will order few trees, haven’t decided what to order yet.

Your peach/almond crosses blow my mind a bit. Just would never have thought of that.

What taste and textures are you expecting/hoping for?

And adding to my list…Craig’s Crimson on Newroot (next to the front door, partially under the eave, instead of the Spice Zee) and I’m thinking I can maybe squeak in a Spring Satin.

Hubby is strenuously vetoing more apples.

In my peach x almond hybrids, I expect a bitter fruit, and on my future almond x ( peach x almond) hybrids I’m hoping to get a self-pollinating almond.

Here are my peach x amond hybrids, both originated from an F1 Nonpareil almond, seed parent, x Elberta peach, pollen parent. One resembles more like a peach, and the second one between the two.

Please don’t remind me. Brady

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Thanks, that clarifies it, I wasn’t sure what your goal was… So you will be crossing these three back with almonds and see what you get?..its just fascinating to me. I wonder which plant will give you the better result, the more peach-y or the more crossed phenotype.

It’a actually two right now, the the almond x (peach x almond) will be conceived during the 2016 season).

I will also cross the peach x almond hybrids with plums to create a drought tolerant rootstock.

I think I will drop the Craig’s Crimson and go with a NY bred cherry like Black Gold, or maybe a Sandra Rose.

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I’m pretty much done with my ordering, may pick up one more Peach and some Raspberry canes.

Methley Asian Plum
Flavor Supreme Pluot
Candy Heart Pluerry

Wafler Nursey
Radiance Pearl Cherry
Burgundy Pearl Cherry
Black Pearl Cherry

Trees Of Antiquities
Flavor King Pluot
O’Henry Peach

If you want to graft, I can give you some Black Gold scions to graft on your Craig’ Crimson. Just PM me.

Been pondering adding a plum since I lost 1 to borers. Have a Jonafree sitting in a pot to plant, and likely a Shinseiki Asian pear too. A couple figs to plant, and hopefully a Nikita’s Gift persimmon. Where to plant any of it, who knows!