What are your summer flowers blooming 2019?


I want to grow some Lupin next year. It’s so pretty


Still standing up after the wind, rain and storm


Now, it’s her turn, Ms. Julia Child. It’s a floribunda rose that is cold tolerant and from all year long. It does have black spot but you can spray with micronized sulfur.

Blooms at different stages have different color from very bright yellow to almost white. The bush is about 3 ft tall, nice size.


Beautiful roses! I like Knock out roses because they bloom all summer. Floribundas don’t bloom non stop right?


Some do, some don’t. Julia Child blooms all summer into the fall esp. if you deadhead spent flowers.

I have nothing against Knock Out roses. My neighbor across the street have 4 of them but he does not know how to care for roses. He does not dead head,no fertlizer, they only have big flushes of blooms once in the beginning and scattered flowers afterward.

Floribundas like Julia Child, Easy Does It, Living Easy are care free, repeat bloomers and have nicer colors than Knock Out.


I love the color of Julia Child. She’s one of my favorite chef too. Is this rose fragrant?


Unfortunately, no. Julia Child was my favorite chef, too. She is a hoot.

I don’t know what fragrant rose can tolerate Chicago weather in ground. If you plan to keep it in a pot. I suggest you try Double Delight., a two-tone (red and white) hybrid tea rose that is pretty and very fragrant.


Double delight can be grow in ground in Chicago. I am looking for rose that is fragrant, long bloom, easy to grow , ideally vine type


I got this new to me desert rose. Love them. It’s called CC35. I also have a dark pink and a pink with variegated leaves

Of course you got to grow zinnia

Canna also



Is that row of cannas at your house? Palm and cannas are so tropical.


I’m impressed that Double Delight grows in ground for you. Mine is next to the house foundation. On some cold years, it barely survives. I usually put a bag of soil at the base at the end of the fall to keep the base alive. My friend did not cover hers. It died. Zone 6a.

You would have to look for old roses but those climbers are humongous. Too big for me and many have serious thorns.

I don’t know any fragrant roses that can grow in my humid east without having black spots, climbers or not.

You are hunting for the Holy Grail of roses :smile:


@tonyOmahaz5 the longest blooming Clematis vines are from The Viticella Group. I don’t remember the name of this one but I bought it because it’s a Viticella.

This is a loosestrife which are usually seen as pink in road ditches. I acquired this yellow from a gardener more than a decade ago and it’s not as invasive and I’ve never done anything to it except let it grow and spread. It’s not invasive like the pinks in the roadway ditches or the white blooming loosestrifes. Blooms for nearly a month.


Thanks Dax. I will search for them.


Beautiful, Dax. I avoid Loose Strife because of itsinvasiveness. Good to know that there is the one like yours.

My yellow flowers at this point are Evening Primrose. Quit spready but they arepretty.


I like those too. I call them sundrops but see evening primrose is another name.


Abraham Darby was one of the few roses I’ve ever grown. One of the best scents ever, I swear it had a grapefruit smell to it.


I have mine for over 10 years. Its spring flush is stunning. I will work hardy to keep black spots at bay. A must have for rose lovers, in my opinion.

I can’t figure out what it smells like but it is a pleasnt fragrance. The blooms, opened or unopened are lovely. I take many pics of them every year.


I have EP in my prairie patch, they grow wild around here


Yes it is. I love canna. Have 6-7 different ones. These are my largest. Just a common red



People who grow those here have to lift them in the fall