What are your summer flowers blooming?


I have heard the Himalayan poppies are fussy to grow! They sure are lovely though and I’ll probably try to get ahold of some. Not sure where though?

I have had success doing Cali poppies from seed and transplanted, the orange poppies I bought from a nursery and they died out after planting. They were spendy too.


Himalayan poppies like it here so maybe you guys are keeping them too damp?

Katie bees will never sting you when they are on a nectar or pollen collecting mission unless you step on them or grab and crush them. You can touch them while they are gathering nectar and they will look peeved and keep collecting food.


well, I did it. I ate one. A Borage flower, that is. Can’t say it was overly delicious. Kinda weird tasting. That’s cool your kids like them Katie. My son declined when I offered him some!
Almost every article about growing Borage mentions the flowers are edible. I have several books on wild edibles and medicinal plants, so I like to keep plants around that fit those categories. But I have found over the years that just because a plant IS edible, doesn’t mean I will actually eat it. Unless I get to a situation or circumstance where I have nothing else to eat! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I agree, I like to learn about edibles but a lot of them I think I would only really eat in the case of Zombie apocalypse :laughing:


My wisteria is just starting to bloom.


Here is a photo of my garden showing the flowers, some of the peppers in the foreground, the Goldenboy pear tree and the citrus in the background next to the house.


Love your yard. So beautiful and organized.


How warm are your summers. That seems to be a big part of keeping the Himalayan poppies happy. They don’t like very hot weather.



Aren’t those really fragrant? Don’t think i can grow them here.


Not really fragrant, but they’re pretty when they bloom. Like an upside down lupine. I didn’t think so either, but I’m in central WI zone 4 ish and it’s survived the -30 we had two winters ago for a couple nights. Gave a piece to my parents that are for sure in zone 4 and it’s been growing. If you ever want a piece let me know. It roots pretty easy, or I can pull up suckers.


There’s a very large wisteria in town here, they can take the cold!


What’s in bloom today


Forget Me Nots

Bee Balm

Snap Dragon- love this color!

Prairie Coneflower- volunteer I left growing in the aisle between tomatoes

Bells of Ireland volunteer

This is where the Bells of Ireland are growing. This one came up here in the rocks and weeds!


Ok…was thinking they were really fragrant. Always on the lookout for nice smelling flowers.

My Mexican Tuberose is just about ready to bloom…i’ll post some pics when they flowers open. Can’t wait to smell it…never grew it before.








They smell great, I planted one a couple years ago.


Does it bloom? It seems here they grow like crazy but never bloom.