What are your summer flowers blooming?


Such beautiful flowers, everyone! What a sight for our eyes to behold! :heart_eyes:



First time growing flowers from seeds. Quite a few failures but Zinnias are worth it

Liatris (from corms)


All my lillies have to be in a fence, away from the deer if I ever want to see them bloom.


Anna Marie’s Dream, planted in honor of my late niece. Almost as pretty as she was.


I always grow zinnias because they can survive anything! I am not good at babying plants


Some cheerful coneflower, helenium, and some safflower that fell out of the bird feeder and I let sprout. :blush:


I love coneflowers. It reminds me of summer. I have several kinds and colors. A few got munched down by groundhogs and bunnies.


Coneflowers are on my list for next season along with daisies and gaillardia. Somehow, they didn’t germinate for me this season, but I started quite late.


Except they can sometimes fall over because the heads get too heavy. I had some one year that i was propping up because they were big…but i do like them…especially the really vibrant colored ones.


Mamuang has some beauties! Mine are all babies that sewed themselves from one Magnus parent. The colors of the parent were a little darker purple. I do have one Cantaloupe coneflower- seems that the j beetles prefer it and like to eat it’s petals


I have Magnus, too. I like them all.


Forgot to add Kushi maya lily, smells nice. Wish it faced upward so it would be easier to see.


Amazing that your lilies are blooming already in your zone. Mine are still a few days away.


It’s been really hot and dry here this year- Things are definitely ahead! Joe pye and goldenrod have buds forming which makes me feel like fall is right around the corner


Their colors also glow!



Front yard this morning

Side yard. Cone flowers and daisies are key flowers.


Do you use that C band dish to communicate with distant galaxies? :slight_smile: Those things were awesome in the 80’s. My friend’s neighbor had one back when stuff wasn’t encrypted or maybe some was and wasn’t. Now i think everything is?

I get a lot of those mud wasps on my flowering herbs (oregano.etc)> I’ve got a ton of sunflowers blooming to…i’ll have to take some pics tomorrow.


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We want to remove it but it is a pain.