What are your summer flowers blooming?


I love those two colors together, i will try and incorporate those in my next raised bed flower garden. ( coneflower x daisy pic)


Growing in shade north side of house.


My mothers American Pillar:

Mozart bush rose:


I like the bright blue color of Ballon Flowers.


@Barkslip Dax, one of your crosses of Maho Mite x Schnickel Fritz:


Holy cool. Thanks for sharing. That’s pretty!



I intentionally planted some Heliopsis this spring. They came as bonus seeds with one of my seed orders. No flowers just yet, but the little red beetles have been doing a number on them!


If it is a reddish orange bug with a longer body than a lady bug, that is a lily eating beetle. Very destructive esp. to all lilies.


It’s a different beetle. They helped me figure out it’s an Asiatic garden beetle over in the insect and disease thread. They seem to basically be nocturnal Japanese beetles. They love most of the perennials I planted as seedlings this year, plus basil. They’re also nibbling on a variety of other plants, but the damage is less severe.


Glad it was not a Asiatic lily leaf beetle. They wiped out tons of lilies around here including at Tower Hill Botanic Garden several years ago. I still have some of them eating my lilies to these days.


There’s another one next to it getting ready to bloom. I’ll keep you posted.


much obliged. I never started my seeds, Andy.



@mamuang, i have a blue but more of a purplish light blue, maybe we could trade seeds this winter? These are other balloons i have.

And a few lillies i just purchased.


My pea flowers


Cherry Festival never disappoints;

I don’t remember this blooming before, Nordic Night:


Sure. Glad you ask so I can let them go to seeds. Usuaully, I deadhead them.

Pics of you guys’ day lilies make me feel like I should upgrade mine. Mine are mostly common kinds, nothing fancy!!


Can day lilly bulbs be traded? Im guessing just dig them up. I like all lillies. I am ordering some from brent andbeckies bulbs for the fall.

I set up the three rock bordered raised beds in front of my little orchard to attract bees and have already put in about 40 varieties of perennials. Think i am going to build a single longer one in front of my berry trellis.


Very nice. Are those chosen to attract bees? If so, day lilies don’t seem to attract many bees. In my yard, catmint, salvia, lavender, bee balm attract a lot more bees.


Most are for bees but want lots of eye candy to go along with it.


First sun flower of the summer