What are your summer flowers blooming?


Yellow Brugmansia from a couple of weeks ago. Subtly divine fragrance through the day. If only they held their blooms longer …


Daylilies (hemerocallis) aren’t bulbs, they have rhizomes. Lilies (Lilium) have bulbs. Daylilies are hard to kill, the rhizomes could easily be traded by mail. Lily bulbs are also easily dug and could be traded.


Very pretty. I grew brug before and love its evening fragrance and large beautiful flowers. Unfortunately mine died for some reason.


I love the look of brug but because of all parts of it are potentially poisonous so I avoid planting it.

We have several kids on our street where houses are next to one another. Don’t want to risk it. Its exotic and attractive flowers sure would attract kids’ attention.



These guys have so cool of plants. Bring this link over from the ‘Tea garden’ thread. Super neat-o plants!


I love the look of this! Thanks for sharing. I have some rock edged beds for perennials mixed with currants. They are very appealing to the eye but sometimes can be a pain to mow and edge. Still worth it for me. Did you move all those rocks by hand?


Yes, i have 100’s in my landscape that i hunted down at my hunting spots over the years mostly when i was in my 20’s but have done it recently as well.

This one is over 1900 lb’s used straps and a tree and drove my truck away, thats where it dropped.




Wow… around here i can’t find rocks like that…its all limestone bluffs. You have to go east an hour (Devils lake) to find granite.


Very nice, it adds a special something. I got a lot of my larger rocks from a couple who had converted half of their backyard to a pond, but were clearing it out. I’ve thought about heading out into the country to find some as well, as farmers often have to pick rocks out of the fields and will leave piles to the side. My middle child who is 7 was recently looking for bugs underneath one and it dropped on her toe. She lost her big toe nail :persevere: Gotta respect the rocks… I’m not even sure how it was lifted actually, they are heavier than they appear. Off topic, sorry for rambling. However, your landscaping looks great with all the rocks and I understand some of how much work it is to install! But it’s something that can be enjoyed for a long time.




Here are some day lilies


I just read the wiki on brugs…never knew they were that poisonous. I haven’t grown them but i like floral flowers so have been tempted. Another thread mentioned they smell like Jasmine?


I am very used to jasmine’s smell. I don’t think brug smells like jasmine. Admittedly I bought a potted brug only one year so not much experience. I learned about the whole plant being poisonous from that time so I stopped then.

If I lived in a house with a fenced in backyard, I would be tempted to grown it in pot again since my girl is grown now.


Brugs are related to Datura, but not the same. Datura grows in wild abundance in arid areas, I remember playing with those soft spiky spheres many a time as a kid (never felt the need to try it). I’m curious how different it is in toxicity levels compared to purple nightshade etc. as they are all in the same family…

The smell is unique not like any jasmine I have (or known). Jasmines are also more intense.

Btw, I have them in pots, but i’d rather have them in ground and become a bigger tree. There are some mature ones in Disneyland by the river boat ride, they look gorgeous.


Purple coneflower third year…


Love the first pic of your lily. What a stunning close up pic. My phone camera has a hard time picking up red color.


Rose of sharon

I stuck some of the prunings in ground during the wet season this year, they took and seem to be growing well. Surprisingly low maintenance compared to common hibiscus. I’ve never seen aphids on this plant in ten years.


Beautiful, intense colors !!! Love them.


Not sure what the variety names of these are, anyone know?


Love your Tiger Lily!