What are your summer flowers blooming?


Guess what flower this is


People often show the best they have. My bee balms get a lot of sun, too, since they are next to the house foundation facing southwest. A lot of them look tired. Rain has often missed us, too, so that makes things worse.


I’ll let Mamuang answer your trivia questions since we’re both a typin’. First word “c”, second “o” or c o b or other names. Right Mam?

Andy, I got a couple pods off Maho Mite tonite. I got a pod on a dark purple daylily, also.

Okay, Castor Oil plant, Castor Oil Bean plant.

@mamuang is that short pink bee balm of yours ‘Grand Parade’? Did I send that to you, possibly? I have a 2’ x 2’ patch of it. I’ve given away tons of it over the years. Bee Balm’s are my favorite flowers for flowering period.



I know little about flowers. Not enough to recognize castor oil plant.

I wish you sent me seeds of those beautiful flowers you have including your day lilies :grin:

My pink bee balm was from Home Depot. They got moved too many times and look like they could croak soon.


Bee balms do that. They die off in patches and then run again filling in voids.

I wish I had a lot of daylily seeds Tip! A lot, cause they’re my fascination. You need more bee balm, I’ll dig some next spring. Remind me please.



Many things look a little tired with this weather! But I do suspect my bee balm would benefit from a different location. They’ve been pretty consistently draggly where they are now.

Also interesting what you said about the scent of the leaves. I find the monarda leaves kind of skunky, myself (in contrast with the foliage on our catmint, which strikes me as very pleasantly citrusy, though I’ve heard that some people find it disagreeable).


Sunflowers in the rain… July 27. This july has been very favorable for the growth and establishment of my many young fruit trees…


Good for you!


Would you mind PM me your address?

I will send you leaves of my bee balm (pleasant) and catmint (stinky) so you and I can settle who have better sense of smell😆


I also like the smell of my catmint!


My catmint leaves are so stinky (to me and my friend) that my friend refused to take the plant when I offered it to her.


Have you been hand pollinating or are they unknown crosses? I actually break the blooms off after they’re done and have never saved seed pods. I should I suppose.


I only figured it out cuz of the leaves but i also wanted to comment to @mamuang that catmint is a very pleasant smell.

My damn dog pisses at the base of my bee balms all winter and kills them, its extremely rude. He loves it


Maybe it’s the variety, mine is Walkers Lowe


Mine was from Home Depot years ago. It has past its prime. I will take pics tomorrow to show you guys.

Roy - Your catmint Walkers Lowe has fuller flower petals and brighter color than mine. beautiful.



Hi Andy, the few pods I collected yesterday evening are open-pollinated. Last years were intentional as you know.

There are certain cultivars that make seed pods w/o hand pollination at my house and the rest do not unless hand-pollinated. Every morning last year I found the flowers that had opened and pollinated them. I know of course which of mine are Diploid and which re Tetraploid so as to pollinate diploids with diploids and tetraploids with tetraploids. Gotta know that first.


@Borer_the_explorer and @JinMA,
These are my catmint, past prime. I crushed leaves to smelled them and had my daughter smelled them. They smell foul.


Why wait for seeds send corms.


If you ever find yourself out this way, there’s a daylily grower that claims to have the largest collection of varieties in the US about a 15 min drive from me.


They do have mail order, too.