What are your summer flowers blooming?


Jasmine blooms in Summer


Thanks to you. I feed my jasmine plants a lot more fertilizer for blooms. It starts blooming now.


For some reason all my Arabian Jasmines didn’t do well this year. Lack of vigorous growth, leafs color distortions and small, not much blooming. I think they either lack of some minerals, or soil ph is too high.


Mine, too. Definitely nutrient deficiency judging from some discoloration of leaves. I started using 20-6-20. It seems to work.


I found this walking around my property. It showed up facing south where I had cut trees. It’s a semi-sloping, hillside with heavy clay. I thought wow maybe that’s a salvia but nope.

Campanula americana
American bellflower



Groovy house you got here Luis. Potted/in-ground plants.



Thank’s! We like poted plants/flowers… we love orchids! :+1:


From my garden I picked some basils- cinnamon, lemon, and sweet Italian. Added a few snapdragons, calendula, zinnia, bells of Ireland, and forget-me-not.

I have let moss roses reseed every year in my vegetable garden. The red is so vibrant, I can see them blooming from my kitchen windows.
These are growing alongside the celeriac.


We call that plant Portulaca, because there is a true rose that is also called a moss rose. :slight_smile:


I also thought that was a Moss rose, one of several types of roses.

I love the flower with herb arrangement. That is pretty and creative.


Yes, it is Portulaca grandiflora. Commonly called moss rose. This is why we should use Latin names I suppose, to avoid confusion over common names!
My apologies!
I looked up the rose, called Moss Rose. I found a Lady Moss, Very beautiful! Is that the Rose you were referring to?

@mamuang- thanks! I almost didn’t plant the cinnamon basil. It was free seed with my Bakers Creek order last year. I liked it just for its scent and looks so I planted more this year. I don’t think it has a culinary use for me. I like to inter-plant the basils among my tomatoes.


Moss rose is a type of old garden roses.



Some of what’s blooming now. Some of these are just getting started, so they should give me more of a show in a week or two.





I think this is technically a weed. Amaranth



Yes. It is lovely. It comes in white, pink and red.


Yes it is!


I enjoyed the article, thank you! I know a little tiny bit about roses now :wink:.


So exotic! What a beauty!