What are your summer flowers blooming?


So pretty! I have one with a reddish tint to it


Thank’s! :blush:


Jasmine continues to bloom. Plant was repotted about a month ago …probably needs to be fed again. Very strong scent on these blooms///too bad they don’t last long at all.


Has anyone tried Salvia gregii in the Northeast? I’ve ordered one from High Country Gardens that claims it should be plenty hardy once established, but I think winter moisture could be a concern. I have quite sandy soil, so I may have adequate drainage. If that’s not enough, I’ll give it the cactus treatment and build a gravelly raised bed.


Sprekelia formosissima


One of common summer flowers around here, Black-eyed Susan, Rudbeckia hirta.


I have these all over my garden. None came up this year. Maybe the lack of rain and 97 degree weather? I was actually quite surprised not no see them this year. But then again nothing I have has preformed as I had hoped this year.


Sete capotes


Do these reseed and spread a lot? Like Cal. Poppies?


They easily reseed. They show up everywhere but I don’t mind as they are pretty. It is also easy to pull them when they show up in the middle of my watermelon patch or among my hydrangeas,etc.

@dutch-s - I think heat and drought is the cause of the no-show of your blacked eyed Susan this year. Although it is drought tolerant, I give them some water when they look wilty.


Like skinny sunflowers!


I ordered giant sunflower seeds from Renee’s after seeing this video.

I was hoping the sunflowers will reach my roof (14 feet as in the video) and it would be fun to click a pic, standing next to it. Unfortunately, my spot is not ideal as it has only afternoon sun. The plant still grew more than 7 feet, so I replaced the person in the pic to make them look taller :slight_smile:

I really like the color and texture of the flower



Sunflowers are fun to grow. I grow a one called Mongolian. It is taller than my J plum tree, near 14’ and is still growing. Can’t wait to see how big the flower head will be.


I had good results with Kong in 2016.


14’ is impressive. Do you use any fertilizer? If yes, which one and whats the schedule?


I used to build a fort by planting Mammoth sunflowers in a circle for my daughter. That was fun. The not fun was when we had to removed the dead plants. A lot of digging as their rootballs took up a lot of space.

Also, that’s when I witnessed a groundhog climbing up one of those sunflower plants to get to the seeds.


It is high up in the sky.I was going to net the flower head after it blooms but I am wondering how can I reach it now. I didn’t fertilize it alone but it is in my garden plot and very likely got some fertilizer when I fertilize the rest of the plants.


Under the hydrangea is a fav fluffy butt hang out spot. I believe this is a pinky winky hydrangea.

Some bright mostly annuals. Butterflies have started emerging from chrysalises.