What are your summer flowers blooming?


@RedSun, dont take it as a dig people here are just helping. That is the first and foremost reason i cant stay away from this forum. Keep your pics coming they are awesome.



Yes, I know. But when I look at the photos posted here, I never even want to dig into the real names or its Latin names etc. All these are for fun.

This site is a place for fruit trees.


My flowers are mixed with my vegetables and trees. In fact, with a beehive, which benefits the fruit trees, I grow a lot of flowers and flowering plants because they benefit the honeybees and other beneficial insects.




Lots of Shirley Poppies this year. honeybees loved those!

They love all of the alliums -onions, chives, garlic chives.

Another Shirley poppy.

Not for honeybees, but just for fun, I planted dahlias amongst the other fruit trees and vegetables.


Do they not flower each year for you or are they just first year plant? You have a long season I’m surprised to hear this


White (asiatic?) lily.

Jasmine Sambac Grand Duke of Tuscany


No, not that. I plant them last year and they were small. I think they will flower next year. Several varieties and one varigated too.


Breathtaking beauty.


Good morning Andrew, hello friend. That’s like what you call something ‘commonly’ I call those Trumpet Lily’s. The botanical name is Lilium longiflorum. It’s commonly said as Easter Lily vs. what I call them as Trumpet LIly. The botanical name is what’s important, Lilium longiflorum. I’m sorry we got into whatever we did yesterday. I swear I was only trying to help and with a smile. I hope you weren’t offended and feel the same, today. It would be a moot point to say: keep posting. :slightly_smiling_face:

Take care, Andrew, thanks.



Dax, you should become a botanic professor or his assistant! Everything was just fine. I was just surprised.

I got so many plants. That was just a potted flower that I saved from compost bin. So I really do not want to spend so much time on it. So if you say it is Easter lily, I’m with you. Yes it was at Easter time. And it is white. I did not want to get religious stuff.

It is good that we have your dedication. If I REALLY have question to ID some plant, I’ll call on you.

My urgent need is to ID a couple of fig trees. I have not been able to do so. Not sure if you can help ID. If yes, PM me…


Rain beat these down a little last night.


Turtle heads, hot lips (Chelone Iyonii)


Camellia sinensis flowers


Is this outside?


Hi! Yes, it’s in a pot but I will make a fence with them. I want to make tea with the flowers.


Sport? mutation? This is one of the strangest things I’ve seen with a perennial-plant. It would go to assume that a bud formed on this daylily flower stalk and that’s what created the roots (buds can grow foliage or roots). The cultivar here is ‘Minstrel Boy’. I’m splitting my daylily’s and came across this. Pretty rad, huh?


Amazing flowers and garden… :heart_eyes:


Got my daylily’s divided and removed/potted up (5) Grand Parade bee balm, as well. Plus a 5-gallon or something of a whole bunch of Asiatic lily bulbs. I think they’re orange. I’m rockin’ to go for upcoming plant trading or to make a few bucks. Either way, I can’t lose.

Looking for other daylily’s. Even trades.

Those in the back are ‘Grand Parade’ dwarf bee balm.

message me if you want to trade daylily’s or for a Grand Parade bee balm. My plants won’t be ready until May 2021.



Super cool we are all lucky this happened with you and you will propagate it if it continues on!


Must have been really warm and humid! Almost looks epiphitIc (sp?)