What are your summer flowers blooming?


Hibiscus looking nice.


My Lantana are blooming more but not nearly up to their potential.


Nice looking.


Cool, looks just like how my indoor spider plant makes “babies.”


I know, it’s crazy!


Jasmine opening a few more flowers. Not sure how many more it will have in it for the season. This could be about it.

Spider has decided to take up residence.


Here’s a response from a previous owner of a daylliy farm:

Yes, it’s called a proliferation. Aside from dividing a plant, it’s the only way to get the same daylily. You can cut the stem, below the joined part and get more root in water. I would guess you can also root it in soil, after using some rooting hormone. I have successfully rooted many proliferation’s. Depending on how many roots you have, you can probably just plant it.


Do you know the difference of J Sambac Grand Duke of Tuscany vs GD of Tuscany Supreme? One is bigger and has green tint vs the smaller one.

I’m not sure if the bigger flower one should be called “Supreme”. Even nurseries get mixed up with the names.


Bloomed last night with incredible fragrance


Those flowers brought back my good old days.

Here are Datura, aka Devil’s Trumpet, not to be confused with Brugmansia, Angel’s Trumpet. Both are beautiful and deadly.


Dahlias planted in spring


Clematis Comtesse de Bouchaud


Night bloomimg serius


Clematis multi pink


Tippy, very nice flowers. I used to grow both. I love their fragrance blooms in the evening. Devil’s trumpet is more hardy than angel’s Trump but Angel’s Trump blooms more spectacular and more color choices.


Yes, epiphyllum oxypetalum. Has very nice fragrance, can’t miss it when it is in blooming


My Solidago odora seedlings are starting to bloom. It took quite a while from the first signs of yellow to fully open


More awsome Clematis… The Queen of the Vines! :star_struck:



Surprise :face_with_monocle: your Surprise Lily is blooming :robot::nerd_face: