What are your summer flowers blooming?


Could someone tell me if the bulbs they hve pictured are actually lilies?
To me the look like daylilies?



Yes, looks more like hemerocalis and not at all like lilium.


Been waiting a couple years for this to bloom; crinum “mrs james hendry”. Has a very nice fragrance.



Beautiful stuff, ladies and gents. I really need to learn more about flowers…almost all i’ve learned about growing plants so far has been centered on edibles.
It’s kinda overwhelming!


“Starina” still glows.


No need to feel overwhelmed. All you should look for re. flowers are those that areperennials for your area. They will come back years after years. Invest in buying them only once.

Annuals, you need to buy new ones every year. It could add up. If you are patient (which I am not), you can buy packages of seeds and grow from seeds, a lot chaeper.

If you tell people your location, people here can suggest what grow well in your area.

Some people who grow fruit believe that some flowers with pungent smell like marigolds can deter insects. You can start with marigolds so they may benefit your fruit trees, too.


Except slugs. I found slugs love to eat marigolds!


My slugs have a better taste. They ate my strawberries :confounded:



This is true, perennials are a long term investment and provide joy for years!

One other thing to look out for with flowers is light requirements. You having grown fruit I’m sure you understand this, but my neighbor for example put their lovely rose bush right under a tree and it has never flowered. Flowers often need full sun to do best. Not always, but something to pay attention to.


Barely still summer, but my New York asters that I started from seed this spring just started blooming.

This was a rough year to start a perennial bed with pretty bad drought, but I managed to pull just about everything through, with many even giving me blooms on first year plants. I expect this will fill in nicely in the next year or two.


Hedychium greenii


Another pic of hedychium greenii


Clematis Nelly Moser


Alright good people of the flowers realm. I know NOTHING but I’d like to spruce up the front of my house I have 2 spots on each side of my porch that are probably 6 feet wide by 30 feet long.

My grow zone is 6A but I lean on 5B just to be safe, we can have some random brutal winters. Blackberries grow like weeds here so please, nothing with thorns.

I like the big flowers like roses but are there thornless ones? I’d like to have bush style flowers that maybe top out around 5 feet tall or shorter. My ground is very sandy, so drains well, I can water whenever but the PH I’d guess is around 5 on it’s own. We deff do not have rich ground, it’s apple tree growing ground.

I like the blues, oranges, burgandy colors or the colors you have posts of those bama bound or forever susan lilly types.

I don’t want to do stuff that I have to replant every year or that have bug problems. I don’t want what I do to be high maintenance. I can trim stuff no problem or weed it but I don’t want to have to spray stuff all the time, my fruit trees already require that burden.

I want vibrant color, bush types (they don’t all have to be bushy, some can be single plants when they are worth the effort), no vines as I just don’t have the room for that.

Roses, peonies, etc Idk what I’m doing, all your suggestions will be welcome as I figure out what to do.


How much sun the area get? It will determine what flowering plants will do well there?


It is on the N side of the house, gets some mid morning to evening sun. We are surrounded by woods so unfortunately deer could be a problem, but wuddya do?


@applebacon, fire the smoker up.


Hostas. I have read that tart cherries will grow in a N shadow.