What critter did this?

Something digging around my daffodils.

I thought nothing bothered them as they are inedible/poisonous.

image image image image image

Armadillo? They don’t seem to care…I don’t know if they are in Maryland

Did you recently plant them? Use bone or blood meal? Heck even your scent, a raccoon will dig it up, skunk too. The bulbs should still be there.
Last year one squirrel discovered figs are good. I informed my dog, may the critter RIP.
The other squirrels were clueless to figs.


Skunks and foxes could also be after grubs and worms in the good rich soil.


The bulbs are all coming up fine. It’s just that there are holes all around them, sometimes just over top, so the bulb emerges from a 2” deep hole.

Had you recently planted the bulbs? I’ve heard that wearing latex gloves to avoid getting your own scent on them will prevent that. Will keep curious critters from digging to see what’s there…

In November, yes.

Ah OK… The scent thing I’m talking about would likely only be for a few days following planting… or at least until the next rain. Was just a thought…

the skunks do that in my lawn and mulch looking for grubs/ worms.


I don’t know what area you live in, but if I saw that damage in my yard it would be from pocket gophers.

We have a few chipmonks in the East, but not your kind of ‘pocket gophers’. Skunks is the most likely culprit of the holes in the photo…although squirrels, foxes, raccoons are possible…maybe even opossum


I blame chipmunks


Good! Maybe a squirrel looking for those nuts it put somewhere around here? I found walnuts and acorns coming up in my raised beds from squirrels Neither tree is in my yard. I think once I found a hickory nut, someones feeding them!

Wow, that’s a good idea. I have 2 gardens and one is open to all critters mentioned and deer! I have Nitrile gloves as I need them for handling hot peppers, latex won’t protect you from capsaicin. Which is the molecule in peppers that makes the burn. I will bring some to plant out this year, great reminder right before the season thanks!

I’m so glad I don’t have these at either of my gardens. These things are like rats on crack! My son has them and they get into everything oh my!

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I see squirrels everywhere. Chipmunks exist here, but I rarely see them. I’m going with squirrel. In fact, there is one running around out there right now.

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Destructive little b#:";$'s…