What did you eat today - that you grew?

I’m zone 6 and under the snow and please, please help I’m so tired of baby bok choi if I see any more of it I’ll puke. but I’ve got more of it. why did I do that.

I have covid right now, it’s horrible. can’t do any work at all, not even carry water. my partner is doing that part. so I made matzoh and chicken soup with schmaltz (right when I first felt sick I made it) and have been living off it. used store carrots and celery for the stock but used carrots and potatoes I canned last year and herbs from the garden for the finished food.

I wish I had the energy to make another batch; I’m running out and the schmaltz is where the goodness is and I’ve eaten almost all of that off the top.

I made homemade pho for my stepson who also has covid, used hot peppers I dehydrated last year and fresh basil from the windowsill. he’s been adding in chili paste and lime and devouring it. he’s got it worse in his sinuses and headache so that’s what’s helping him. for me I’m just tired and coughing, so I get the chicken soup.
(pho is vetnamese beef broth with thin noodles and very thin beef slices in it, highly spiced. it’s a cure all like chicken soup is)

my partner luckily is not sick and we are all masking in common rooms- he’s eating beef stew and chili and venison roast and all kinds of stuff. I’ve been making the bok choi in any way I can find to make it, and he’s mostly been the one eating it all.


Sorry you are sick. I wish you a speedy recovery and some warmer sunny weather. :sun_with_face:


Having some illini blackberry low sugar chia jam for Saturday morning breakfast.

Mmmmmm good.


Frozen jalapeño pepper from my garden. Making enchiladas today. A good way to recycle some leftover meat.

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Watercress and green onions, after the rain.


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A couple types of garlic made it into the supper I prepared everyone here at the group home. (I had to cover for someone on a staff cook-night. I haven’t gotten to be the cook in a long time.)
I wish I’d had more to incorporate as it was a high-horta menu, but I hadn’t planned ahead.

Colcannon was a hit, as was creamy chicken and mushroom. Roasted maple carrots disappeared without any feedback, but no leftovers is a nice hint. Surprisingly, Potato Candy was ‘too sweet’. Not something I expected to ever hear from this crowd, but to be fair, it is 80% sugar, and somehow the thing weighs twice what the ingedients did.


My garden is over grown with watercress, but today I’m having a break from eating watercress.

Some kind of mustard and kale, the mustard plants are bolting, I need to clean them up. You can see they are organic, slugs are eating them, but no snails here.


Thawing out a pint of loganberry/black raspberry low sugar chia jam this morning for breakfast.


Still eating Asian pear, texture and flavor did not change much , as fresh as 5 months ago when it was picked


Homemade yogurt, it’s ridiculous good and wholesome. I thank members of the fruit forum for giving me this idea.


Upland cress…substituted for lettuce on my hamburgers.


Today I made a frittata with the abundance of rapini we grew this season and eggs our hens have laid (gotta keep up with those girls!)

I use the Zucchini Frittata recipe from King Arthur Flour’s website and adapt it to whatever veggie is overflowing in the garden. The cheese is pretty much interchangeable with whatever happens to be in the fridge. This particular frittata is my greenest yet!


Looks delicious!

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Beet roots, I finally decided to pull a few for lunch, one is too big, I prefer them a bit smaller, I will roast these with balsamic vinegar and olive oil.


Still getting lots of great salad greens…leaf lettuces and spinach.

I had these covered again the last two nights with Christmas lights on. Uncovered again this morning… looks like we have a nice warm up spell coming.

Nice mix.


That is a lovely mix! Next time I plan on sowing a variety of lettuce (this season I only sowed a buttercrunch). This was my first year ever growing lettuce and I was super-lazy about it. When I saw that the packet directed surface sowing, I thought, “Heck yeah! This will be easy!” So I scattered an entire packet in a 3.5’x10’ area and watered.

I barely thinned it at all (again, lazy) and now I truly have a “bed” of lettuce, thick and springy enough to sleep on. :joy: No matter how much we eat we never put a visible dent in it. Made a mental note to scale back next time.