What do I do with my trees now after rabiit damage?

Some of my young espalier tress were reduced to 18 inch trunks without branches by rabbits. Calipers are about 3/8 inches.
Should I pull them out and start all over with new trees?
Or, should I leave them and try to train whatever branches come out?

Keep them, fertilize a bit to push growth. Most likely dormant buds will activate. I am assuming the damage is above the graft union. Train the branches that emerge. With trees that small, over time the aesthetics of the damage should fade.

You can also use the rootstocks and graft new varieties on

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I’m sure most all of them made it and no reason to pull out good rootstocks (if they are a good rootstock for your area).

I would also fertilize them and once frost threat is over give them a new clean cut with a slope for water to run off

Thank you y’all. I will let them be for now and train them as best I can.