What else looks like a Montmorency tree?

There was a fellow name Feller,
Whose tree survived winter weather.
So folks from around,
Came took branches down,
Now the new trees are all named Feller.

But they sure look like Montmorency… There was this sour cherry tree in Anchorage that folks started propagating because it was hardy and put up with our schizophrenic weather just fine (Jan. meltdown, followed by sub zero temperatures. Anything stupid enough to wake up dies). I got a hold of some branches mostly to feed my propagation experiments (my romance cherry bushes are too small to risk on likely failure) so now I’m wondering what it could be. the cherries and the leaves look just like Montmorency. What other sour cherry looks like that?

i have montmorency , 3 U of SK cherries and a lutowaka rose polish sour cherry . to me they look the same. too bad you dont have something to graft it to. i managed to root a cutting of juliet by just pushing it in the mulched soil near its parent and it rooted . could try that with yours and transplant it where you want after it roots…


Evans would be my suspicion it’s a child of montmorency. It’s normally a bush but its a big bush that could be trimmed to a tree. Cherry, Evans Bali - TheTreeFarm.com


Evans/Bali was my first consideration, and still is a strong possibility.
But it’s not a Montmorency seedling…there’s debate as to whether they’re even the same species… the one I had here, planted next to Montmorency, was easily distinguished from its neighbor, by habit, leaf, and fruit. Mine was a tissue-cultured tree, from SLN, and threw up suckers 30-40 ft away.
Well suited for harsh northern climates, it was a ‘dog’ here on the cusp of Z6/7; if Montmorency rated a 10, Bali was a 1.but I’ve seen photos of it from growers in Saskatchewan & Manitoba, and it looks incredibly productive there.
I took mine out after about 10 years, but I think there’s still a sucker living that popped up in a row of pecan seedlings 30 ft away.