What fig cuttings are you propogating?


Like I said before, I am new at growing figs and fruit trees in general. It all started about 2 months ago when at an impulse, I bought a dying brown Turkey tree and I managed to bring it to live again. Of course, i knew nothing about how to take care of a fig tree or anything. As a matter of fact, i still havent even tasted a fig.

So, this all got me into researching all about figs and found a forum called ourfigs where I’ve learned so much. Met so many knowledgable and generous people that I now have so many varieties I will have a massive jungle in room I dont have…lol

Any ways, that forum is mostly figs and I needed info on how to grow, take care of, fertilize other fruit trees. That’s where I found this forum (today).

As of today, I have (rooting and some recently transplanted) the following fig varieties:

improved celeste
Giant celeste
LSU purple, champagne
Brown Turkey
Peter’s honey
Desert kind
Texas everbearing
White marseilles
Hardy Chicago

It’s crazy how much I got from members there. The problem with this is I put all of them to grow not knowing or thinking how many trees these were gonna be. So, how many fig cuttings are you propogating?

(I wasn’t allowed to post more pictures. That sort of killed it for me)

Now I am moving to learning how to propogate guava cuttings and then look for them as I know nothing about them yet but I heard some taste good.

Now you may ask “why the heck is this dude propogating”? Well, the wife and I have decided that we can no longer live the rat race in the city and we have been planning on moving north somewhere. We are planning on a few acres, away from city life but not too far. NC, SC, GA, KY and TN come to mind. It’s all in the planning state still so were thinking (hoping) within a year from now.

I want to have an orchard before so I can plant as soon as we get our new place.


I haven’t started any this year, but I do have a couple of Chiappetta cuttings on order from WillsC. I do have a low sucker on my VdB that I plan on getting rid of. I dumped a bunch of dirt at the base of it and in the Spring I’ll take a look to see if any roots have formed. If yes, I’ll lop it off as an instant ‘ground-layer’.


Not as many as yours,but too much.bb


I have Florea, Ronde de Bordeaux and Smith cuttings that I’m rooting. Two Chicago Hardy in the ground and a Improved Celeste coming from Just Fruit and Exotics in March. My goal is to grow low-maintenence but high-productivity figs mostly in ground in zone 7a/7b. The only exception is Smith, which I think might need to be grown in a container.


If you want to grow stone fruits, stick to the costal states, and avoid high altitudes. Otherwise, the blooms will get toast by spring frosts. If there are peach orchards nearby, then that’s a valid location :blush:


Smart thinking. That’s what I eventually want to do but I’d like to taste the varieties first and then get rid of what Im really not going to need.


Never heard of “stone fruits”. I’ll look into it. Not sure where we’re going to move yet. We are taking it day by day and trying to plan everything out as this is one of our biggest move ever.


Just researched “stone fruit” and I just learned something new. I never knew people referred to such fruits as “stone fruits”. Interesting in deed.




I’m dealing with that right now too. I’m in the northeast and enjoy having an indoor garden in the winter but started too early this year. I have peppers, eggplants, and tomatoes going, as well as figs: St. Martin, Bordissot Negra Rimada, Black Tuscan, Col de Dame B/N, Norella, Ventura, Bourjasotte Grise, Sangue Dolce, Luv and a few others I can’t think of now. I also just grafted a container persimmon I have under my lights, but not sure if that will take or not.


I can’t wait to move to our few acres but that’s probably a year or two away. Till then, I’ll just plant and grow here and keep on practicing and learning. You have some nice varieties going for ya.


Too many. I’ve filled my in-ground fig areas and while I may be able to put a few more out there, I’ll need to keep most new ones in pots. I’ll probably keep one or two of each variety and give away extras.

No idea if this will work, but I had a lot (50-100) of badminton birdie tubes around, so I figured that I would try rooting some extra cuttings in them.

In terms of varieties, I’m propagating:
A local one which I’ve heard good things about (I bet I’ll have a lot of this one, as I had a ton of wood)
Bourjasotte Grise
Black Island Madeira
Strawberry Verte
Red Lebanese Bekaa Valley
Black Lebanese Bekaa Valley

Coming from Fruitwood nursery soon:
Emalyn’s Purple
Ventura Strawberry
Mary Lane

I really shouldn’t have gotten more, but at $3 it is tough to not add a few. Especially since I finally seem to be getting the hang of rooting figs.


I will be rooting Scott’s Black, Sal’s (Gene’s), Ital 258 and Ronde du Bordeaux.

Of course I’m not sure why as I already have way too many figs…

Last summer convinced me to not give up on figs, it was a great summer for me fig-wise.


I won’t be starting my rooting for at least 6 weeks, though.